browser security

I found a site that tests your web browser’s security, trying various exploits to see if you’re vulnerable to them.

There’s another site that tests you how well your browser blocks popups.

Occasionally I’ll get a popup, but it’s been so infrequent that I haven’t bothered figuring out how they’re getting through.

a few flash puzzles

It’s Monday morning and there’s a light drizzling of rain outside. I feel a little under the weather and my mind could use a jump start, so here are a few puzzles to solve in case you’re feeling the same way.

Frog Leap – It took me a few tries, but I got it.

Crimson Room – I made a lot of progress, but eventually used the solution to get out.

Sherlock Photo Hunt (I could only find 4/5 and I tried several times)

Pearls – A friend of mine showed me this game several years ago, but I don’t remember the trick to winning so the blasted pirate keeps beating me.

River Game – A more complex version of the chicken, fox and grain problem.

In case you just want to play games instead of giving your mind a workout, there’s always Pac-Man, Unicycle Riding, Miniature golf and Battle pong.