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What Resting on Your Laurels Really Means - 27 Sep 2013

During Secret of the Wings they used the phrase, “resting on your laurels.” My 8-year-old son asked what it meant, guessing it meant sitting on your butt. I laughed because he’s obsessed with butts and said no, it meant they were being lazy and enjoying themselves without working. My explanation satisfied him, but I remained […]

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The Mythical Expert - 25 Sep 2013

In school I used to think they had everything down to a science. My school had been around for a long time and I just figured they’d worked out the kinks and it ran smoothly and without any issues. Then I got to know one of the school secretaries and learned they had to deal […]

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Fear Itself - 24 Sep 2013

Someone robbed a bank within a mile or two of my kids’ elementary school the other day and the school had a soft lockdown. Apart from not being able to go outside for recess, the soft lockdown barely changed their day. The teachers closed classroom doors but visitors were still allowed to sign in at […]

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Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day - 19 Sep 2013

Avast ye scurvy mateys! Today be Talk Like a Pirate Day and here be a video fer ya. Yarrrrrr… P.S. The above be cleaned. In the original (with 114 million views!) they swore like a sailor. E’en though it be talk like a pirate day, it didn’t seem proper.

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