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Boomshine - 31 Jul 2008

Boomshine is a simple but surprisingly fun game. To play, click anywhere to create an explosion. When a ball touches the explosion, it will explode, causing a chain reaction of explosions. When you meet or exceed the number of explosions necessary, you get to the next level. There are only 12 levels and you can […]

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New Ways to Get Your Daily News - 08 Jul 2008

We all like to keep informed and we all know about the standard news sites. But there’s more out there. Here are some non-standard news sites that provide new ways of viewing the news or allow you to customize it to your preferences. There’s even a site that makes a game out of reading the […]

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5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Gas Mileage - 07 Jul 2008

Gas prices are high and look to stay that way. In order to reduce the pain a bit I’ve started using some strategies from hypermilers to improve my gas mileage. I read all I could about their techniques, threw out the dangerous strategies like drafting 10ft behind large semis and came up with the following […]

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Play Retro Games in Your Browser - 05 Jul 2008

Remember the good old days of Atari, Commodore 64 or 8-bit Nintendo? Relive your childhood by playing all your old favorites or try out the games you never got to play, all in your browser. Isn’t the internet grand? Good old 8-bit Nintendo More NES Even more NES Apple 2e games Commodore 64 (this is […]

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Identify the Logos - 03 Jul 2008

Over four years ago I wrote about a game I’d found where you had to identify the logos of restaurants. The bummer is the site that hosted the game (along with several other variations on the same theme) is now defunct. But you needn’t despair. I found a new logo game for you to play. […]

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Browse the Web in 3D - 03 Jul 2008

There’s something about seeing an ordinary object online in 3D that makes it seem exciting. Even though everything in real life is 3D, it’s cool when movies or computers can do it. If you are genuinely enthused by 3D objects, you must have a very exciting life. Hey Joe, you’re in 3D! There’s my car, […]

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150 MPG Car Coming - 01 Jul 2008

It seems hard to believe, but a TG daily article claims this car would cost around $20,000, get 150 MPG, use solar, battery and gas and if you’re running low, they have pedals for you and your passenger. I’m not sure how they don’t conflict with your gas and brake pedals. (via TG Daily)

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