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4 Tricks to Read Content Without Ads - 27 Jan 2010

As I illustrated in this screencast on the readability bookmarklet (a new version was released yesterday), I like to read content on the web, not advertising. Here are some other tips to make reading on the web easier when ads overrun the site or articles are split up into a ton of separate pages. Our […]

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PEM_read_PrivateKey failed SSH error - 26 Jan 2010

I just spent 20 minutes trying to figure out why my passwordless SSH wasn’t working. I’ve done it dozens of times, but this time it wasn’t working and none of the Google results had a solution that helped. It turns out I was pointing to the public key instead of the private key. Short summary: […]

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Download YouTube Videos in One Click - 25 Jan 2010

The instructions on sound easy, but they’re harder than they need to be. To use the site manually you have to change the ‘y’ in youtube to a ‘3’. But why do it yourself when the browser can do it for you? Here’s the bookmarklet: Download YouTube Video. Drag the above link to your […]

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Men Really Don’t Hear a Crying Baby at Night - 08 Jan 2010

Many women refuse to believe that men can’t hear a crying baby at night, but scientists in England have evidence to back them up. I wonder what their wives think. When Daddy Goes Deaf at the Daily Mall. (via Apartment Therapy)

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