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Just The Content Ma’am - 30 Nov 2009

I’ve started using this trick more and more as web sites become overly cluttered. With this bookmarklet, everything but the content disappears.

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A Tour of My Tray Icons - 27 Nov 2009

I created this having seen and liked Merlin Mann’s First Desktop Tour. I thought I’d do something similar. The only problem is I saw his video so long ago I forgot to add the good parts in my version. Not to worry, I’ll give it another go at some point.

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Number Series Brain Teaser - 25 Nov 2009

Barbara sent in this doozy. I have yet to figure it out. What is the missing number? 6, 9, 27, 54, ?, 2241 Anyone have any ideas? When you’re nearly comatose from over consumption of Thanksgiving’s finest, figure this out to give your brain some exercise.

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Zoom In For Application Demos - 18 Nov 2009

In this screencast I provide a meta demo of ZoomIt by using it for its own demo.

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