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y2k coming… - 27 Dec 1999

My how time flies! Christmas is over and we’re all ready for the New Year that is fast approaching. My prediction is that we’ll have a few minor inconveniences but nothing major. Let’s see what happens…

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home at last - 20 Dec 1999

I am home in New Hampshire and will be here through New Year’s. It’s nice not being so busy. I kind of like it. I do have lots of things to do that I set aside to do when I’m not so busy doing other things, so I guess I’m kind of busy still. It’s […]

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done the semester - 17 Dec 1999

Another semester is over. Just finished my last final. Didn’t do too well but hey – it’s over! I’ll be heading home to the good ol’ New England area (New Hampshire to be exact) for Christmas. Hope you’re going to have a good christmas too.

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finals - 15 Dec 1999

One down, two to go. I have two more finals and then I’m heading out to New Hampshire. It’s going to be fun to be done with school for a bit. I’m looking forward to it. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and an uneventful New Year!

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no more teachers… - 10 Dec 1999

Yeeehawww! Classes are over, I finished the UART for EE220 and all I have left are finals. I also got a new office at work that has a lovely view of the mountains with two windows. I had none before, so I’m quite pleased. Merry Christmas!

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home to New Hampshire - 06 Dec 1999

The last week of school is upon us. How glad I am to be nearly done. After classes and finals, I’ll be heading home to New Hampshire for Christmas, and a nice break from work and school. Hope your week goes well too.

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y2k - 03 Dec 1999

Life continues to be busy. Soon finals will be over and I’ll be able to relax for a while. Won’t that be nice. Although I am getting curious about what will actually happen when the New Year rolls around. I’m going to be flying from Boston to Salt Lake City on the 3rd of January […]

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