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video stills on linux - 29 Jul 2005

When movies are posted on boingboing, they post a few stills of the movie which gives you an idea of what it’s like. I think it makes the post a lot better, so I tried doing it by hitting the print screen button when the movie was paused, but that didn’t work. I then found […]

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konfabulator acquired by yahoo - 28 Jul 2005

I just heard the news that Yahoo! acquired Konfabulator, which would have been exciting if I’d known what in tarnation it was. I took a look at Konfabulator, and I’m impressed. It has all sorts of widgets you can put on your desktop, like a calendar, weather, to-do list, CPU usage, Memory usage etc. I’m […]

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top ten web fads - 27 Jul 2005

Molly Wood at C|NET wrote an article about the top 10 web fads (or memes). I had heard about all of them before, but it was a fun trip down memory lane to think about them again. I was especially fond of Hampsterdance (#1), All your Base are Belong to Us (#3), the Star Wars […]

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thai delight cafe - 22 Jul 2005

Here’s a review I submitted to Utah Citysearch on the Thai Delight Cafe. I heard about Thai Delight from a friend and after eating there, I wished I’d tried it sooner. The food was delicious and the family that owns it are friendly and accommodating. I’ve returned multiple times and each time the food has […]

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strangers answering questions - 21 Jul 2005

Have you ever had a question you wanted to ask random people throughout the world? I haven’t either, but it’s a cool idea now that there’s a web site that lets you do it. The site is and as long as you answer someone else’s question, you get to ask a question of your […]

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wanted, dead or alive - 20 Jul 2005

Have you seen these blasted cattle rustlers? Ah, the joys of the internet. (You can make your own at Be forewarned, it’s harder than you’d think to come up with a good nickname. I looked all over and found a mediocre generator, wikipedia’s list of cowboys and cowgirls and gunslingers and even tried Google […]

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seeing a man about a horse - 19 Jul 2005

When I was living in Spain, I visited a castle with some friends. There were six of us, four guys and two girls, and we split up for a while. Another guy and I met up with the two girls and one of the other guys was missing. We asked where he was and one […]

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usb device not recognized - 18 Jul 2005

I bought a 512MB SanDisk Titanium Cruzer and whenever I tried copying a directory of about 300 files (about 140MB) it would give the following error (click on it for a larger version). I tried it on another machine running Linux and it worked fine, but nearly every time I tried copying that directory on […]

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the art of project management - 15 Jul 2005

Here’s a book review of The Art of Project Management by Scott Berkun that I wrote a week or two ago for another site. I’ve been working professionally as a software engineer for several years and I learned more in the first 100 pages of this book than from my years of experience in the […]

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take my kids - 14 Jul 2005

I read a letter that was supposedly written to the IRS after the man was not allowed to claim deductions for two of his three children. I didn’t believe it, but the story was still very amusing. What makes it even funnier is that Snopes researched the story and found that it’s true – the […]

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flypower - 13 Jul 2005

We been inundated with scads of flies at work and I decided it’s time we do something about it. Put’em to work. Flypower (tagline ‘Tap the power of nature’) has detailed instructions on harnessing the power of flies to do all sorts of aerial acrobatics for your entertainment. Given the sheer number of them it’s […]

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currency conversion - 12 Jul 2005

A few days ago I wanted to convert British pounds to dollars and I thought Google’s calculator could do it, but I couldn’t get it to work so I ended up using a currency conversion site. Today I found out why I couldn’t get convert currency with the Google calculator: they just added support for […]

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search engines and terms - 11 Jul 2005

Fanteja asked me how my site did in the big three search engines comparatively and I didn’t know, so of course I had to check. Once I checked, of course I had to create a graph of the top 10 search phrases and where my site stood on each of the search engines (click on […]

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a riddle to be solved - 08 Jul 2005

I received the following e-mail from Nathan (he asked that I not use his last name), asking me to help solve a riddle he came across. this is a riddle i have come across through ways its best not to say , i would like to see what suggestions and ideas you have on what […]

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London terrorist attacks - 07 Jul 2005

On the way to work this morning I heard about the terrorist attacks on the radio. When I arrived at work, I was curious to find out more and once again I’m astounded by the power of Wikipedia and its ability to provide information. I learned a huge amount about what happened from the London […]

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find what you love - 06 Jul 2005

Snopes is an excellent resource for verifying stories people swear are true but sound suspect. Virtually every time I get an e-mail forward that looks fishy, I’ll check it out on snopes, and nine times out of ten, they’ve already done the research or are currently working on it. I’m subscribed to their what’s new […]

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mini carrots - 05 Jul 2005

Where’s the quality control at the mini carrots factory? The carrot on top of the bag in the picture does not qualify as a mini carrot in my book.

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50 smart things to do with your money - 01 Jul 2005

I’m always interested in good ways to manage my finances, and I found this list of 50 smart things to do with your money from Money magazine rather interesting. (via kottke)

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