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Best Way to Embed MP3s on Your Web Site - 30 Dec 2009

MP3s are reasonably big files. If they’re popular, their bandwidth usage adds up. All web hosting companies have bandwidth caps, whether stated or unstated. Even if it says unlimited bandwidth, trying using a few terabytes and see how long it takes for them to take down your site. I’m surprised there are so many video […]

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Don’t Get Mogi - 17 Dec 2009

I was at SuperCuts waiting for a haircut and saw a commercial for Mogi. They offer an extended auto warranty program. I was intrigued. It sounded like it could be a good deal. I made a note in my pocket mod to look it up later. The general consensus from a cursory Google search is […]

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Wordnik Bookmarklet - 09 Dec 2009

Wordnik recently acquired wordie, where I’ve kept words I want to become more familiar with for the past few years. The process to add a word to my list took too long so I wrote this bookmarklet to add a word. You need to be logged in to Wordnik, then select a word and hit […]

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Fastest Public DNS Servers - 08 Dec 2009

With Google’s announcement that they’re providing free public DNS, I was curious if it would beat OpenDNS in speed. Fortunately, there’s a tool called Namebench to test that very thing. It queries a set of nameservers and recommends the fastest configuration based on lookup speed. I ran it and found that neither OpenDNS nor Google […]

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Chrome Not Ready for Prime Time – Yet - 07 Dec 2009

Google Chrome is getting a lot of well-deserved good press for it’s blazing speed. For that reason I use it occasionally, but Firefox remains my core browser. Why? Three reasons. 1. Adblock Plus 2. Xmarks 3. Diigo I recently used Chrome for a day but returned to Firefox. Here’s what happened. Using the Chrome Channel […]

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Christmas Desktop 2009 - 01 Dec 2009

After going all out last year, I’m reigning it in with a simple holiday desktop. I found it with a Bing image search for winter wallpaper. Here’s the image file.

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