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Arrrrrrr - 19 Sep 2008

Ahoy! Teday be Talk Like a Pirate Day matey. If’n ye be talkin’ normal like ye be a scurvy bilge rat.

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How fast can you type? - 15 Sep 2008

This speed test shows you the most common words in the English language. That means if you practice typing them, you’ll improve your overall speed because they’ll come up more often. My first try was 83wpm, but my cursor wasn’t in the text field for the first several seconds while I was typing. Make sure […]

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Seinfeld and Bill Gates Commercials - 15 Sep 2008

Microsoft has produced two new commercials so far that are garnering lots of comments. Some hate them, others love them, still others are amused. Those who remain don’t give a rats behind. I’d lump myself in the amused crowd. Seinfeld is funny and it’s fun to see Gates in such odd situations. Here they are.

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Links not clickable in Twitter Badge - 10 Sep 2008

I recently added my Twitter feed to the sidebar with Twitter’s Javascript badge. I was surprised to see the URLs weren’t hyperlinks. URLs are converted to hyperlinks on twitter, why can’t the badge use the same code? They obviously know how to do it, but for whatever reason, they haven’t. Nine months ago a guy […]

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Math made interesting - 09 Sep 2008

The BBC has a fun, six question Math Quiz. I only answered three out of six correctly. See if you can do better. Take the quiz

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