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SanDisk Sansa M240 1 GB MP3 Player - 30 Mar 2007

If you’re looking for a cheaper MP3 player than the e200 series I reviewed yesterday, here’s one my wife owns that I like. It’s also from SanDisk, and is called the SanDisk Sansa M240 1GB MP3 Player. It’s ideal for using while exercising because it’s small, comes with a protective case and an arm band […]

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SanDisk e200 series MP3 player - 29 Mar 2007

I’m quite pleased with my purchase of a SanDisk Sansa e250 2 GB MP3 player a few months ago. I had several requirements for an MP3 player and this one fit the bill quite nicely. In fact, it was the only one with one-touch voice recording, which is one of the main ways I use […]

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Another plural observation - 28 Mar 2007

You have one louse and many lice (if this is true, get one of those combs with tiny teeth that are really close together – lice are unpleasant), one mouse and many mice. However, it’s one house and many houses, one spouse and many spouses and one grouse but many grouses. I feel for those […]

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Firefox shortcuts - 27 Mar 2007

Do you type in URLs of well known sites over and over and over again? I’ve been doing it for years because I couldn’t think of a better way to browse to frequently used sites. I didn’t want to create bookmarks for two reasons. One, I use several different machines and keeping them all in […]

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A bad place to land - 26 Mar 2007

This probably isn’t real, but it’s still funny.

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Gamers and their Avatars - 24 Mar 2007

The pictures above are from a South Park episode about World of Warcraft. On the left is the guy in real life (at least in South Park), on the right is his avatar. The BBC compiled similar photos of 10 real life gamers next to their avatars. There’s a remarkable similarity between South Park’s and […]

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Common grammar questions - 23 Mar 2007

Dr. Grammar has answered dozens of grammar questions and is an excellent resource to answer a question about proper grammar.

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More bat the penguin - 22 Mar 2007

I found some more bat the penguin games (mostly variations on the original theme, but some are different enough to be entertaining for more than a few thwacks.) I found a list of the variations which include: Yeti Pingu-Throw Yeti Pingu-Throw (Bloody) Yeti Pingu-Throw (Long Shot) Yeti Orca Slap Yeti Seal Bounce Yeti Albatros Overload […]

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What’s the next number? - 21 Mar 2007

What is the next number in this sequence? 1, 1, 1, 1 The answer is 42. Good luck if you get that question on the SAT. (via reddit)

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What’s new on Ebay - 20 Mar 2007

Ebay Pop and BidThumbs show prices of items selling on Ebay as well as popular trends within a category. Ebay Pop (via probargainhunter) lets you browse various categories to see the movers and shakers, including the most popular items in that category as well as items whose popularity has changed dramatically. The site explains it […]

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Small explosion between the legs - 19 Mar 2007

This blog entry is mainly about a billboard that says, “I pooted” (which I too find deliciously humorous) but that’s not the reason I’m linking to it. The reason I’m linking to it is because it confirms something which I had begun to ascribe to an overactive imagination. Boy howdy, I’ll never, ever forget when […]

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Best Firefox commercial ever - 17 Mar 2007

I’ve watched this at least 10 times, and I laugh every time. I love the Safari icon.

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Is a home really a good investment? - 16 Mar 2007

How many times have you heard that a home is the best investment you could ever make? David Crook of the Wall St. Journal disagrees, and wrote an article explaining why your home is not the investment you think it is. It rejects the common premise that a home is a good investment and he […]

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Blurb watch - 15 Mar 2007

Bad analysis wrote about the sources of those quotes you read on the cover of the DVD, and how misleading they are. Here’s an example: “An ad for [Norbit] has the following blurb: “Eddie Murphy’s comic skills are immense.” ―Michael Wilmington, CHICAGO TRIBUNE If you suspect that some context is missing, you’re right: Murphy’s comic […]

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The 30 minute endless loop - 09 Mar 2007

Andrew Wulf worked at First Command Financial Planning and has some of the most mind-numbing quotes and experiences I’ve ever heard of. It’s hard to believe someone actually said them. 1. It’s not the database stupid 2. Here little virus 3. The 30 minute endless loop (via reddit)

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In an instant, his life savings vanished - 08 Mar 2007

One moment Dave DeSmidt had $179,000 in his 401(k) retirement account, the next he had nothing. In the comments on the article, there is some skepticism that it would have been so easy to transfer such a large amount without verification, but the fact remains that somehow, someone managed to get his money. There’s a […]

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Teaching children about money - 07 Mar 2007

I want to teach my children about money and finances at an early age, so a post at Dumb Little Man about some comic books to teach kids about money piqued my interest. I ordered them for free from the Federal Reserve, and they showed up a few weeks later. I read through them and […]

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The secret menus - 06 Mar 2007

When I first ate at In-N-Out I ordered a cheeseburger, as advertised on their menu. In-N-Out has the sparsest menu of all the burger places I know of. I never expected there to be a hidden one because they have plenty of room to fit other items. When I bit into my burger, I coiled […]

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How to avoid SSH timeouts - 05 Mar 2007

I’ve had my Netgear router for over two years and it continues to work well, with one exception. It times out idle connections after 15 minutes. This is how it was designed, so it’s not a flaw in the product, but it’s frustrating because I often have terminals open to other machines, and if the […]

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Urgent WordPress upgrade - 03 Mar 2007

I just found out about an urgent WordPress release due to a cracker getting into one of the servers and modifying the source code. They added some easily exploitable code, so anyone that downloaded WordPress 2.1.1 within the past 3-4 days is especially at risk. Just to be safe, you should upgrade to version 2.1.2 […]

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How to reduce your monthly cable costs - 02 Mar 2007

JD at Get Rich Slowly has decided to switch to basic cable after crunching the numbers on his monthly bill to see how much it cost them to watch TV. He’s not the only one. John Zeratsky bid adieu to Comcast last September and Eric Olson got rid of cable last August. (I just found […]

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The Face of Jesus Revealed? - 01 Mar 2007

According to an article in Popular Mechanics, British scientists, assisted by Israeli archeologists, have used techniques to find out what a typical man looked like during the time of Jesus. Citing the scripture where Judas Iscariot had to identify Jesus as evidence that he looked like other men leads them to the claim that this […]

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