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ethics - 18 Apr 2006

In the past, a person’s word was sufficient to form a binding contract. Nowadays one’s word is meaningless and even if you get something in writing, people can claim they didn’t understand what they were agreeing to or that they were temporarily insane when they signed it. Litigation pervades business transactions and people constantly search […]

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brain waves - 11 Apr 2006

Researchers at the Wadsworth center have created technology that allows you to think an e-mail instead of having to type it. The current technology can only produce two to four words per minute, but it could be much faster in the future. It sounds futuristic and progressive, but is this really a step forward for […]

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a new frontier - 06 Apr 2006

Space. The final, frontier. That was said at the beginning of every episode of Star Trek: Next Generation, where the holodeck could create virtually anything they could imagine and they traveled through space as if it was a trip around the block. Where is the technology to make whatever meal you want, clean your house […]

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