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Friendly Neighborhood Reminder To Optimize Your Images - 27 Feb 2015

My daughter is a big fan of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and today I was curious who the voice actor was. I found the answer on Angela’s Clues (an 11-year-old named Jake Beale). I also found some pages loading really slowly. I clicked my Google Pagespeed bookmarklet on the projects page and it got the lowest […]

Go vs Node vs PHP vs HHVM and WordPress Benchmarks - 25 Feb 2015

I have been impressed with the performance I’m seeing with Vultr VPSes, so I decided to do an experiment to see what the maximum performance could be. I created a simple Hello world program in Go, Node.js and PHP, then tested them with ApacheBench 2.3. Here are the three programs I used. Go 1.4 package […]

Google Fonts Hurting PageSpeed Score? - 14 Jan 2015

A web site I’m working on began with a score of 100/100 on both mobile and desktop on PageSpeed Insights. I added the Roboto Condensed Google Font to make the page look perty, and the Google Fonts page assured me the effect on page load would be minimal. I added the font to the page […]