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Great Goalrilla Customer Service - 01 Jun 2012

We installed a Goalrilla basketball goal soon after we moved into our house and it’s been well-used by the kids. A few weeks ago the actuator gave out and the height could no longer be adjusted. We’d only had it a few years, but from my experience with warranties I expected we’d have to cover […]

Personal Development for Smart People - 26 Nov 2008

I enjoy reading personal development books. For instance, I’ve read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” 7 times. I love learning how to improve myself, but reading (or listening) to books doesn’t get me to act on that knowledge. In other words, I often don’t put into practice what I read. There are a […]

SanDisk Sansa M240 1 GB MP3 Player - 30 Mar 2007

If you’re looking for a cheaper MP3 player than the e200 series I reviewed yesterday, here’s one my wife owns that I like. It’s also from SanDisk, and is called the SanDisk Sansa M240 1GB MP3 Player. It’s ideal for using while exercising because it’s small, comes with a protective case and an arm band […]

SanDisk e200 series MP3 player - 29 Mar 2007

I’m quite pleased with my purchase of a SanDisk Sansa e250 2 GB MP3 player a few months ago. I had several requirements for an MP3 player and this one fit the bill quite nicely. In fact, it was the only one with one-touch voice recording, which is one of the main ways I use […]

thai delight cafe - 22 Jul 2005

Here’s a review I submitted to Utah Citysearch on the Thai Delight Cafe. I heard about Thai Delight from a friend and after eating there, I wished I’d tried it sooner. The food was delicious and the family that owns it are friendly and accommodating. I’ve returned multiple times and each time the food has […]

the art of project management - 15 Jul 2005

Here’s a book review of The Art of Project Management by Scott Berkun that I wrote a week or two ago for another site. I’ve been working professionally as a software engineer for several years and I learned more in the first 100 pages of this book than from my years of experience in the […]

opera 8.0 review - 28 Jun 2005

I’ve been an Opera user for several years along with being a Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox aficionado and now that Opera 8.01 is out, here are my thoughts. First, what I like. Easy to switch plugins on and off (F12 and you can turn on flash, Java, sound etc) Fast (page rendering and generally as an application) Works […]

hertz car rental review - 08 Jun 2005

I rented a car from Hertz on a recent trip and my overall experience with them has been quite positive. It had a few bumps, but they fixed the problems quickly and to my satisfaction. When I first picked up the car there was only one person at the counter (it was 11:45pm so I […]

Brother MFC-420CN - 09 Mar 2005

We just bought a Brother MFC-420CN multi-function printer and although I haven’t used it much, I’m already pleased with it. The reason I chose it is because of the network port and the price (less than $150). In addition to being a printer, it’s a copy machine, a fax machine, a scanner and it can […]

canker-rid - 07 Feb 2005

As I said before, I received a free sample of Canker-Rid with the understanding that I would write about how well it worked. (By the way, I have a few more free samples. If you’re interested in getting one, let me know). The day it came in the mail I had two canker sores that […]

Netgear RP614 router review - 07 Dec 2004

Here’s another review that I posted at Epinions, this time of the Netgear RP614 v2 router. So far I’ve only had one problem; port 2 stopped working. Their customer support has been really busy (in fact I got a busy signal a few times) so I haven’t been able to talk to anyone yet, but […]

Logitech Marble Mouse trackball - 30 Nov 2004

Here’s a review I wrote for Epinions on the Logitech Marble Mouse, which I bought a few months ago. I’m using it as I write this entry and it still works great. Simple, yet functional and built to last Aug 03 ’04 Pros: Smooth, doesn’t need cleaning, reduces wrist movement Cons: Can’t scroll, no middle […]

Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code - 29 Mar 2004

I finished reading Dan Brown‘s The Da Vinci Code over the weekend. It was hard to put down once I got into it. Dan Brown’s photo looked strangely familiar, so I read his biography and found that he attended and later taught English at Phillips Exeter Academy. I lived about 5 minutes walking distance from […]

a norelco - 04 Dec 2003

I just bought a Norelco razor (the Reflex Plus 6843XL) because I don’t enjoy shaving with a blade and I must say I’m impressed. You can tell a lot of engineering went into the design, and the end result is an extremely close shave. I saw the commercials and thought it was all hype but […]

windshield wiper review - 11 Apr 2003

I bought a new pair of windshield wipers about six months ago when the old pair began to chatter. I decided to go with the Bosch Micro Edge Excel wipers, as they appeared to be the Cadillacs of the windshield wiper line. So far, I am very impressed. They have not chattered once, even if […]

Spirited Away - 20 Oct 2002

Spirited Away accurately describes the experience of the viewer as well as that of the little girl who learns courage and love. I was engrossed from start to finish by the story, masterful animation and music. The artists showed an unbelievable attention to detail and created majestic scenery as a backdrop for the story. It’s […]

HEM Rabbit Songs - 25 Sep 2002

I’ve finally done my first CD review for for HEM’s Rabbit Songs. It’s harder than it looks to put into words how you feel about a group of songs. I’ll have to work on that. I posted the review at blogcritics and I’ve included it here as well. I should note that Levi was […]