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Can You Spot the Liar? - 04 Apr 2014

The New York times has an entertaining test to see if you can spot the liar. I got 8/10 correct and found it easier to guess after only watching the first few seconds of the video. I wanted to watch one video again, but I couldn’t. I’m guessing that’s intentional, so make sure to pay […]

Men Really Don’t Hear a Crying Baby at Night - 08 Jan 2010

Many women refuse to believe that men can’t hear a crying baby at night, but scientists in England have evidence to back them up. I wonder what their wives think. When Daddy Goes Deaf at the Daily Mall. (via Apartment Therapy)

Time-Lapse of the Night Sky - 20 May 2009

This is incredible. (via Gizmodo)

Do You Believe in Psychics? - 09 Jan 2009

If you did before, do you still?

Know the Weather Better than the Weatherman - 04 Nov 2008

Want to have the daily forecast at your fingertips? Wondering what the current temperature is this instant? Want to know when it’s raining so you can close your car windows? Weather Watcher Live by Singer’s Creations lets you do this and more. It’s powered by WeatherBug stations that provide real time weather feeds to insure […]

The cost of beauty - 24 Aug 2007

Nicky Taylor spent almost $4,000 a year on beauty products and still felt disgusted with herself, so she did what anyone in her situation would do. Okay, maybe not. She went cold-turkey on beauty products for six weeks by not bathing, showering or brushing her teeth. After the experiment she was told her teeth would […]

The night sky - 18 Jul 2007

The night sky teaches you how to identify various constellations so the next time you look up into a starry night, you can identify them.

Stargazing 365 days a year - 08 Jan 2007

Here’s a free ebook from that tells what you can see in the night sky without a telescope 365 days a year. (via get rich slowly)

Pluto is no longer a planet - 24 Aug 2006

Pluto has gotten a planetary pink slip, and is no longer considered a planet. It’s not all bad news though. School children can rejoice over having one less planet to remember on their science quiz. The Wikipedia entry for pluto has already been updated with the change. More coverage can be found in the Mercury […]

Weird science - 22 Aug 2006

Here is Dimtry’s list of the top ten craziest science facts. I’m not sure they’re all true, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

an artist on LSD - 20 Jan 2004

Back in the fifties the US government was playing around with LSD. They conducted some tests on people under its influence, and here are some of the results. Almost more than the pictures, I enjoyed reading about the subject’s behavior.