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black to white - 31 Aug 2002

Plastic surgery has ruined Michael Jackson’s face and someone documented the process. A flash movie shows the same thing with face morphs. For any of the plastic surgeons who worked on his face, when is the last time you had your eyes checked?

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cheap airfare in sight - 30 Aug 2002

The weak economy coupled with uneasy passengers have resulted in unusually low airfares for this fall. I still have a $750 voucher that I’d like to use to go to Spain. Last night I found a flight to Madrid for $800, which indicates that I may not have to subsidize my flight at all. Too […]

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letters from an inmate - 30 Aug 2002

An inmate in the Wasatch County Jail wrote a heartfelt letter to his girlfriend but it didn’t exactly get there. The story speaks for itself. (via cameron)

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no more airline questions - 29 Aug 2002

If you’ve ever flown commercially in the past 16 years, you had to answer two questions about your luggage before receiving your boarding pass. Starting today, they are no longer required. I wholeheartedly agree with David Stempler, president of the Air Travelers Association who simply stated, “It’s about time.”

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how to use email - 28 Aug 2002

I realize that not everyone enjoys reading email headers, typing out the SMTP protocol by hand or configuring mail servers and mailing lists. However, even if you’re not a particularly technical person, you can benefit by having a basic understanding of how email works. I’ve compiled a list of observations and recommendations that I have […]

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lucky pick - 27 Aug 2002

I sat next to a woman and her brother on my return flight from Boston to Las Vegas and discovered an interesting tidbit of information. The man’s son owns Woody’s L Street Tavern. Three weeks after he bought the place, Robin Williams and some members of the film crew dropped by, looking for a bar […]

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satire wire ending - 27 Aug 2002

Citing creative differences among the one man team at Andrew Marlatt has announced that he’s closing up shop. “I’ve been producing SatireWire by myself for 159 Internet years (2.67 Earth years), and in a staff meeting yesterday, I all agreed it’s time for me to move on,” said Marlatt. “While the decision was certainly […]

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new mozilla release - 27 Aug 2002

During my trip, Mozilla 1.1 was released and it’s downloading as I type this.

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just how many of us are there? - 25 Aug 2002

Wired has an interesting article about how there may not be nearly as many bloggers as some have estimated. I wonder if the article had anything to do with Ben and Mena’s request to fill out their survey.

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home on the range - 24 Aug 2002

I’m currently in New Hampshire visiting with my family, since my younger brother just returned from Brazil. He hasn’t changed that much since I last saw him, but it’s been nice to chat with him face to face, along with the rest of the family. I’m looking forward to our trip to Harrisville, NH tomorrow […]

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i’m not a rock star - 22 Aug 2002

The first question on the FAQ is, “Where can I get his music?” I also used to have a note on the contact page saying that messages would not go to Chesney Hawkes. In spite of my efforts, I used to get several e-mails a week from people trying to find his music and others […]

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stats of the web - 21 Aug 2002

I’ve been looking for a good way to estimate what percentages of different browsers are used nowadays. I found the counter and it provides a general idea. Certainly not a scientific survey, but good enough to get a decent idea. It should be noted though that browsers with small percentages still deserve fair treatment when […]

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filling - 20 Aug 2002

I felt something sticking to my cheek a few days ago and after a bit of probing I discovered a small hole in my rear lower molar. It didn’t hurt, and I surmised that a filling had fallen out. I set up an appointment with the dentist and wouldn’t you know it, the day I […]

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Linux waddling out of obscurity - 19 Aug 2002

A friend of mine alerted me to an article about Linux moving into the big time. With all the talk of Linux in the news, people are getting curious about it and since I use Linux, I get asked questions. Recently a friend asked why one should use Linux instead of Windows. I pointed out […]

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back from Colorado Springs - 18 Aug 2002

I’m back from my trip. We didn’t do too much in the way of tourism besides checking out “Garden of the Gods” but I still had a great time. We had great conversation during the entire drive and it made the 9 hour ride go by very quickly. I didn’t get much sleep last night […]

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off to Colorado Springs - 16 Aug 2002

I’m going on a road trip to Colorado Springs with a friend of mine, leaving Friday morning and staying until Sunday. I’m looking forward to some good conversation and a welcome break from work. We might even go up Pikes Peak, where Katharine Lee Bates was inspired to pen the lines to her most famous […]

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regretting the fix - 15 Aug 2002

I run the Hobby of Kings site and for the past few months I haven’t been getting any email related to it. I assumed it was getting less traffic and didn’t think much of it (out of sight, out of mind). About a week ago, I checked the database and realized that it was not […]

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unsubscription plea - 14 Aug 2002

Aesop’s failure to unsubscribe my email address (even though the say it has been removed) forced me to take it to the next level. I sent a request to their support department with a message that was sure to get their attention. I’ve tried to unsubscribe from your list several times in the past but […]

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Marc Cohn is hitched - 13 Aug 2002

It’s quite the time for getting married. I’ve gone to two weddings within a week of each other, and now I hear that one of my all-time favorite singer/songwriters just tied the knot (again). He’s also working on his next album. I’m looking forward to its release.

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useful blogging tool - 13 Aug 2002

I’m not aware of any blogging tools that provide a spellchecking solution, so is an easy (and free) way to keep your entries void of spelling errors. Isn’t it nice when the URL describes exactly what the site contains?

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trails of light - 13 Aug 2002

I went on a short hike up to Donut Falls tonight. It was a lot shorter than I had expected but still a fun little hike. On the way back I saw a friend of mine who I haven’t seen in over two years and it was nice to get acquainted with her again. Back […]

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citizen kane is #1 - 13 Aug 2002

The Sight and Sound Top Ten Poll lauded Citizen Kane as the best film ever, by both the critics and directors . As I said before, I don’t see what all the fuss is about Citizen Kane. It wasn’t very entertaining and was almost a chore to watch. It baffles me that what I saw […]

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blog critics - 12 Aug 2002

I just got an announcement that will have a chat tomorrow at 11am eastern time with RIAA president Cary Sherman.

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no lady in red - 12 Aug 2002

A poll by Music Choice shows that Chris DeBurgh’s hit song Lady In Red is not a hit with wedding guests in the UK. The question, as far as I can tell, asked what the worst songs for the newly-weds’ first dance were. Luckily I didn’t play any of them for the first dance, although […]

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meteor shower - 11 Aug 2002

I have yet to see a meteor shower so I’m hoping to get a chance to see The Perseids either Sunday night or the predawn hours of Monday and Tuesday. If it’s not visible, at least I’ll get an early start on the day.

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standup comedy - 10 Aug 2002

I went to the Wiseguys comedy club tonight and had to use the restroom. Standing in front of the urinal to do my business, I found myself staring at a wall of advertisements. Installment Ads has finally implemented an idea I came up with a few years ago, but never acted upon. I bet I […]

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beauty and the beast - 07 Aug 2002

I just got back from a great performance of Beauty and the Beast at the Capitol Theatre in Salt Lake. The pyrotechnics were an unexpected addition to a stellar production. I was very impressed with the professional quality of the show. Was it worth $55? Maybe. Since it was a new experience, I guess it […]

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Chill out, whatcha yellin’ for? - 06 Aug 2002

There’s a song I’ve heard a lot on the radio recently that I wanted to download but I couldn’t think of the words nor who sings it. I began my search with Promo Only’s listings, a radio station’s playlist and some music charts from another local radio station and didn’t find it. My next attempt […]

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privacy compromised - 05 Aug 2002

While I was waiting in the Salt Lake airport to get on the plane to San Jose I picked up a Seattle Post-Intelligencer and found an intriguing article. It was about how people’s privacy is being compromised because of the internet. As an aside, it was written by Jennifer 8. Lee. What kind of middle […]

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back from San Jose - 03 Aug 2002

The wedding, luncheon and reception went very well and I had a great time. I stayed with one of my friend’s brothers and he is a remarkable pianist. He can play songs by ear, adding his own improvised embellishments and was a pianist at a fairly high-class restaurant. He provided very entertaining background music for […]

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google irony - 01 Aug 2002

Someone at google must be reading my blog. I recently mentioned that they weren’t crawling blogs anymore (at least on a daily basis) and today I checked and saw – 25k – 30 Jul 2002 – Cached – Similar pages Kind of ironic that it cached the day I said Google wasn’t caching my […]

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