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5 mints? - 28 Feb 2002

I didn’t feel like cooking anything for lunch so I went to the Taco Bell drive thru. Upon returning to work, I discovered that they had included *five* mints with my order. One mint is a nice gesture, two or three perhaps a bit much, but *five* mints is right out! Was my breath that […]

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wireless wonder - 28 Feb 2002

I’ve been trying to pay a wireless ISP upwards of $300 to install an antenna, agreed to pay $40-$50 a month and yet I remain without an internet connection. You’d think that a company would take me up on my offer and let me have it, but no, I have to wait around for them […]

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beta opera released - 26 Feb 2002

A blog conference is coming up in August in Las Vegas. It sounds like a lot of fun. I’m not sure if I’ll go or not but I’ll definitely consider it. Opera has released Opera 6.0 beta 1 for Linux – Wahoo! I’ve been using Technology Preview 3 and it worked well for most sites […]

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winning is nice - 25 Feb 2002

This past Saturday kept me quite busy. I woke up at 10am and went to work (I still don’t have an internet connection at the condo) to make sure the web server was still up. After upgrading PHP and MySQL it’s been having some problems, so I need to babysit it until I figure them […]

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bball and friday night - 22 Feb 2002

We had another tournament basketball game last night and lost but it was still fun to play. I got some decent playing time too which was nice but I need to improve my overall ball handling so I don’t get rushed into making a bad pass. I’ll have to work on that. Tonight I’ll be […]

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cookies and browsers - 21 Feb 2002

I finally took the time to figure out how to use cookies for the themes available on my site. It works much better than adding a variable to all the links on the entire site. Cookies are actually quite easy to use and after a bit of experimenting they seem to be working quite nicely. […]

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depression amongst Utahns / joy in wireless - 20 Feb 2002

A national study showed that Utah leads the nation in antidepressant use. Frankly, I’m not surprised. I’m a member of the LDS (Mormon) church and I’ve lived in Utah from 1994-1995 and then from 1997 until now. I’ve found that most people assume that they are the only ones feeling overwhelmed by everything they’re supposed […]

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blog names - 19 Feb 2002

The “wheel” world – Gives a whole new meaning to rolling out of bed in the morning. I’ve been trying to find a slick new domain to host this blog because I think it might be easier to remember but I have yet to find a domain that I’m really happy with. I prefer a […]

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weekend recap - 18 Feb 2002

On friday the installer from Syptec came and went. The condo still doesn’t have a connection. He got up on the roof and some trees were blocking a view of the antenna. It was very disappointing. The last option I know of is Sisna and I’ve already signed up for a site evaluation. I found […]

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a banjo maker? - 14 Feb 2002

For absolutely no good reason I decided it would be fun to type a stream of consciousness. I didn’t think at all, I just typed what came to mind. Things may not always seem what they appear and sometimes life doesn’t give you a bowl of cherries but a bag of roses. This is very […]

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bearded man - 13 Feb 2002

I’ve been growing a goatee for about a month now and I’m quite pleased with how it looks. It has filled in quite nicely and I even have a little patch on my lower lip of lighter colored whiskers which gives it a unique look. I’ll have to take a picture sometime. You may have […]

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not so funny - 12 Feb 2002

I’ve been a loyal reader of Userfriendly for more than a year now, but lately it just hasn’t been funny at all. I’m always trying to find other comics that I like but it’s hard to do. I think it takes some time to like some comics, similar to getting used to music. The problem […]

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air strikes - 11 Feb 2002

On CNN today there’s an article about an air strike investigation. There is an image of a plane shown, with the caption “An unmanned CIA “Predator” aircraft launched the strike last week” Well no wonder it was unmanned. That thing is ugly. I bet they couldn’t even get the new guy to fly it. I’ve […]

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mmm…smooth windshield wipers - 09 Feb 2002

When I got my oil changed they asked if I wanted to have my windshield wipers replaced. I had been meaning to do it for quote some time, but never got around to it so I figured why the heck not? That was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made while standing in a […]

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a new way to part your hair - 08 Feb 2002

I don’t remember any exciting career days when I was in elementary school, but I bet this kid won’t forget his experience anytime soon. It seems like someone trained in that line of work would be able to control their weapon a little bit better. I’ve finally gotten approval for the wireless antenna on the […]

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what’s up with San Francisco - 07 Feb 2002

I’ve just been reading some blogs I’ve found around the web and it seems that there is a suprisingly high amount of bloggers blogging from San Francisco. I ask myself, why? I reply that it must be one of three things: The hippies that arrived there in the 60’s with a flower in their hair […]

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victory at last - 07 Feb 2002

Aha! I have figured out a better solution to my comment archiving. I’m probably spending a lot of time on something that wasn’t really that important to anyone but me, but at least I’m happy :) I now have the comments already going into the archive, so on the front page it just reads the […]

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better archive - 06 Feb 2002

I’ve reworked the comments archive with the intention of making it easier to use. Hopefully I’ve succeeded. I plan on adding a description for each month and something cute and witty to say at the top of the page. I also need to figure out what to do about this year’s comments, since I don’t […]

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email - 06 Feb 2002

I just read an interesting article about some problems people have run into with email. While I agree with most of the points made, I think some of the problems are due to hypersensitivity. If people would just relax a little and not get so bent out of shape you wouldn’t run into those problems. […]

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good ol’ patriots - 05 Feb 2002

I can’t say I’ve been a longtime fan of the Pats but the fact that I grew up in New Hampshire means that I have a certain kinship with the team. I just happened to flip on the TV when the Super Bowl was starting (I’m not a huge football fan) so I watched it […]

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winter weather - 04 Feb 2002

The weather on Saturday was cold, but it was sunny so I got the idea to go for a ride on my motorcycle. It’s never had a problem starting before, but after about 10 minutes of trying I gave up. It was disappointing that it wouldn’t start. It’s always started before, but I’ve never tried […]

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ben hur part II - 01 Feb 2002

We finished Ben Hur and it was quite good. The ending tied things up extremely neatly, almost too neatly for my liking. I also played a decent game of basketball. I haven’t played in quite a while and I’m not in very good shape but my game is improving quickly. We need to get more […]

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