Month: May 2000 blog archive
MY Z - 30 May 2000

I just found out that I got the plate MY Z which I’m quite pleased about. I just have to pick them up. Still have to stop that dang rattling. Had a trip to Los Alamos to see the result of the fires and I must say that the mountains and trees will take quite […]

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normal plates - 09 May 2000

I just got my normal plates (rather boring) and will now have to get the vanity plates from the DMV. Let’s hope they have what I want. I also still have to get some minor cosmetics taken care of – that will be nice when that’s done. The rattling in the back is getting quite […]

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personalized plates - 03 May 2000

Still waiting on getting the plates from the dealer so I can get the vanity plate. I may try to get MY Z and if it’s taken go for ZXLR8R. If that’s taken, maybe 300ZX. We’ll have to see. The weather’s getting nice here in Provo – the T’s are coming off on a more […]

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