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Google Drive Almost Here - 30 Mar 2012

Google Drive has long been rumoured and never seen, but that could all change in a few days. If done right, Google Drive could be huge. According to leaked screenshots you’ll get 5GB for free, and at their current storage pricing you can get 80GB for $20/year compared to $100 a year for 50GB with […]

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A Data Plan for Your Laptop - 20 Mar 2012

One of the best features of Google’s Chromebook is the free 2-year Verizon data plan for up to 100MB/month. It’s perfect when I’m traveling and don’t have easy access to wifi. I realize most people just use their smartphone, but my $10/year T-Mobile piece of crap Samsung t139 flip phone is not what you’d call […]

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Help Stop Joseph Kony - 07 Mar 2012

Here is a heart wrenching story of how children are kidnapped from their beds, given a weapon and forced to join Joseph Kony’s army. In some cases they’re even made to kill their parents. I applaud Invisible Children and what they’re trying to accomplish. If you’re able, please join me in contributing to the cause. […]

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