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bread crumb trails - 31 Aug 2004

I’m linking to for two reasons: One, I was interested in the value of bread crumb trails on web sites. Two, I like the navigation menu. At first glance I thought it might be images and javascript, but viewing the source showed it was done with CSS.

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straight dope on ben franklin - 30 Aug 2004

Growing up, I heard nothing but praise for Ben Franklin as an inventor, scientist, politician and diplomat. I heard he played a significant role in the creation of the United States and that he was constantly improving himself by using his list of 13 virtues, focusing on one virtue a week. On the other side […]

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how to fold a shirt - 28 Aug 2004

If you want to learn a slick (although kind of tedious) way to fold a shirt (flash), this is something you won’t want to miss.

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real URLs back in place - 26 Aug 2004

All URLs in the comments are visible again, without the silly redirect which sucked out all the Google juice for commenters. I upgraded to MT 2.661 way back when because I liked the comment throttling feature to avoid comment spam, and even though I didn’t like using redirects for comment URLs, the good outweighed the […]

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sets of data - 25 Aug 2004

I browsed around Google Labs the other day and found Google Sets which seemed quaint but not all that useful. Then I read about how other people suggested using the service and I found a few cool applications. It can be used to recommend new musicians. You put in your top three favorite artists and […]

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beyond the call of duty - 24 Aug 2004

I’ve always been impressed with Amazon‘s top notch customer service, but after the recent correspondence I had with them, they deserve even more recognition for how well they treat their customers. I would even say that they operate in their own arena of service, far higher than that of nearly all other online companies. We […]

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source for NPR - 23 Aug 2004

Here is a photo of my source for NPR in the morning. It’s an M&M radio I received as a birthday present from my wife last April. I took a picture of it for fun when I had access to a digital camera and thought I’d post it for all the world to see. He […]

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opprobrious phrases - 20 Aug 2004

Maybe I was in a foul mood. Maybe I like to complain. Maybe I’m a bitter man who likes to use words I’ve never heard of before but found in the thesaurus. Whatever the reason, I’m going to give you a glimpse into my infrequent yet sometimes cynical thoughts. Below are three phrases and my […]

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a blogging break - 12 Aug 2004

I probably won’t be blogging from now until the end of next week. I’ll post an entry or two if I manage to get internet access, but it’s very likely there won’t be any where I’ll be.

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handy perl script - 12 Aug 2004

If you want to search and replace text among lots of files, Perl can make your life a lot simpler. Here is a script to replace the string ‘old_text’ with ‘new_text’ in any file ending with .txt. The script would have to be run from the same directory as the files which have the text […]

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worst movies ever - 11 Aug 2004

It may not be at the top of the bottom list, but my #1 worst movie, Battlefield Earth, got more votes for the worst movie of all time than any other on IMBD’s Bottom 100 list. It’s nice to know my bad movie radar agrees with over twelve thousand other people. I’m curious to see […]

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robo mower - 11 Aug 2004

A few weeks ago I suggested that a friend invent an automatic lawn-mowing robot like the Roomba (but for grass instead of carpets). I’m too late. For a hefty $1,800 you can get your very own Friendly Robotics RL1000 Robomower Mower and Docking Station. It’s back to the drawing board for me. (via Andre)

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parallel parking practice - 09 Aug 2004

Practice your parallel parking skills in this flash game. My best score was 73.45.

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search engine referrals - 06 Aug 2004

There are some interesting results on whitespace regarding search engine referrals. It shows how dominant Google is right now, much like Internet Explorer in the browser arena. I added mine to the submissions and thought I’d include them here as well, just for kicks. Both sites get around the same amount of traffic from search […]

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what is fashionably late? - 06 Aug 2004

How late is fashionably late? According to Elizabeth Wellington, “promptness is the latest trend at social gatherings these days.” I had no idea I was caught up in the latest trend, but I like to be on time if not early to most activities. Being intentionally late to social gatherings has always struck me as […]

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free image storage - 05 Aug 2004

If you don’t have a web server and need a place to store an image online, give ImageShack a try. They store images for free and will remain on the server as long as they’re accessed at least once a year. It’s also a good way to reduce bandwidth costs on your own server if […]

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empty blogrolls - 04 Aug 2004

I have noticed a subtle issue with blogrolls that people may not realize, but it makes it harder to know who is linking to you. The issue is that any site using Bloglines or Blogrolling, or any other service that uses Javascript to display a list of links, will not have those links registered on […]

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to speed or not to speed - 03 Aug 2004

I used to have a 35 mile commute and when went I went 80mph instead of 65mph (the speed limit) it felt like the trip was a lot faster. It usually took around 35-45 minutes, and of course I didn’t want to get a ticket, but I didn’t want to spend any more time on […]

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phishing test - 02 Aug 2004

This Phishing test shows how hard it can be to distinguish between legitimate e-mails and those of scammers trying to trick you into giving away sensitive information. I got a 9/10 on the quiz, marking one a fraud that was legitimate, but I’d rather err on the side of caution. In fact, if you ever […]

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the disappearing e-mail - 01 Aug 2004

I created a new account on a web site and used my Gmail address (actually I used an alias that forwarded to my Gmail account) but I never received the e-mail. I logged in to my old Yahoo Mail account and sent myself a test e-mail, but that worked fine, proving that the alias was […]

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