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humor - 31 May 2001

I was just thinking about what makes something funny or not, and I ran across an interesting quote from Wanda the Fish: Where humor is concerned there are no standards — no one can say what is good or bad, although you can be sure that everyone will. — John Kenneth Galbraith Humor is a […]

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back from San Francisco - 30 May 2001

I went to San Francisco to see my uncle and then to San Luis Obisbo to see my roommate’s grandmother (who happens to be an excellent cook). We went to the beach and got some sun (meaning sunburn) but the trip was great and I got to catch up a lot with my uncle which […]

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using your blinkers - 24 May 2001

For some reason the use of blinkers seems to be going the way of the dinosaur. More and more people seem to think that using blinkers is no longer necessary and it is becoming more and more dangerous to drive. Blinkers are a very important part of driving and I would recommend them to all […]

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good drivers - 22 May 2001

I was reading somewhere that no one ever recognizes good drivers, and that everyone on the road is either going too slow or too fast. I would like to officially refute that because I rode my motorcycle behind a very good driver – they drove about 5-10 mph over the speed limit (which in most […]

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processors - 16 May 2001

I haven’t been following the world of processors much, but I just bought a 1.2 GHz (266Mhz) Athlon but the dang thing doesn’t work in my IWill motherboard. Now I have to send it back to them and get them to send me a 1.2Ghz (200Mhz) chip that should work, since I had a 1.3Ghz […]

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utah trax - 14 May 2001

I used the Trax to get to downtown Salt Lake City on Friday and it was quite nice – only $2. The only annoying thing was that two of the guys I was with didn’t have time to get tickets by the time the train came. The system of getting tickets is kind of slow […]

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comaraderie - 11 May 2001

On the way home yesterday I saw a Suzuki GSXR go by so I pulled out behind him and rode with him for about 20 miles until he took an exit in Orem and waved goodbye. I also like the wave between bikers, no matter what type of bike or your age. It’s a nice […]

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que pasa - 10 May 2001

I ate at a Mexican restaurant called “Que Pasa” and in trying to speak a bit of spanish I realized how rusty it is. I want to practice some more so I don’t lose my ability to speak. It’s always helpful to be able to speak another language, but after learning spanish, the french I […]

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computers / windows - 09 May 2001

I went to EBC computers to get an estimate and they told me they wouldn’t sell me a computer without installing Windows. I told them I don’t use Windows and that I would just use Linux, but they told me I had to. I have decided that I will no longer give them my business. […]

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subwoofer testing - 08 May 2001

A friend of mine just put in a 5-channel amp and 4 new speakers into his Honda Accord. It sounds quite nice, but he still lacks the sub. I have an 8″ JL Audio in my Maxima so we compared it with some 10″ subs and they didn’t even compare. My little sub hit lower […]

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canker sore gone (almost) - 07 May 2001

I’ve had a canker sore since last Tuesday and it’s finally going away. I had a sandwich with vinegar on Friday and it was sizzling and burning which was a rather unpleasant experience. I like eating, but with such pain I began to dread it. Now I shall be able to look forward to eating […]

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the police - 04 May 2001

On the way home from work yesterday evening I was behind a very slow driver on the on-ramp to the freeway. He was going about 40 in a 55 and I passed him in order to get up to speed. Just as I was getting by him (at 60mph) I passed a highway patrol car […]

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cold and windy - 03 May 2001

There’s a severe weather watch on because of high winds (gusting up to 60 mph) so I won’t be riding the F3 for a bit. I wonder how fast you could go if you got a bicycle with a sail and you caught a good gust of wind. Could be interesting.

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machine upgrade at work - 02 May 2001

I now am using a machine that has dual Pentium III 550’s with 512MB of RAM running RedHat 7.1. I upgraded the motherboard, added some RAM and added the second processor. It’s quite nice. The only thing I think I may do is put in the 10 Gig drive I have but there isn’t any […]

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