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A sure sign it’s a scam - 22 Dec 2006

I saw an ad in my Gmail account the other day and it wasn’t very hard to tell that it was a scam. They claimed that out of 79 tools, 95.3% of them didn’t work. The problem is that no integer out of 79 equals 95.3%. 75 is the closest, but 75 out of 79 […]

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Bat the penguin - 21 Dec 2006

What better way to spend time during this holiday season than to thwack a penguin as he dives down towards you? Click the mouse to begin the penguin’s dive, then hit the mouse button again to swing your bat. Timing is everything. The highest score I know of is 323.4. My best (so far) is […]

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Answers to name that Christmas carol part II - 21 Dec 2006

Here are the answers to name that Christmas carol part II. The Other Night Adoramus Te Oh! Dear Jesus Shepherds, Shake Off Your Drowsy Sleep Lo, How A Rose In A Manger He Is Lying In Dulce Jubilo Let Our Gladness Know No End As Each Happy Christmas Wassail, Wassail Whence Comes This Rush Of […]

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Name that Christmas carol part II - 19 Dec 2006

In Spaceballs, the ship has four speeds: sub-light speed, light speed, ridiculous speed and ludicrous speed. If this list were measured in Spaceball speeds, it would be ludicrous speed. These are very hard, and I would be astounded if anyone was able to guess them all. Even someone who is familiar with many religious carols […]

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Snow and ice sculptures - 18 Dec 2006

In Harbin, China they hold a yearly festival called the Harbin Ice and Snow World. This is what they do during the festival.

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Christmas cartoons - 16 Dec 2006

When I was younger we used to watch several Disney animated shorts during the Christmas break, including Mickey’s Christmas carol, Donald Duck’s Christmas, one with Pluto and Chip and Dale, and Goofy in the art of skiing. We were looking for them at the library without much luck, but then I looked on YouTube and […]

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Answers to name that Christmas carol - 15 Dec 2006

Here are the answers to name that Christmas carol. Jingle Bells Silent Night (or Stille Nacht) While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks The First Noel Joy To The World O Little Town Of Bethlehem Deck The Hall Angels We Have Heard On High It Came Upon The Midnight Clear Good King Wenceslas O Come, All Ye […]

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Free online music - 14 Dec 2006

There are lots of options for free music online. Some of it has commercials, but some don’t. I’ve been listening to some Christmas music on Shoutcast and the commercials are slightly annoying, but not unbearable. Pandora – You type in what you like to listen to and it produces a list of similar artists. One […]

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Name that Christmas carol - 13 Dec 2006

To celebrate the holiday season I’ve compiled a list of 25 Christmas carol acronyms. I realize similar lists are floating around, but this was a fun way for me to get into the spirit of the Christmas season. My guess is that most people have heard of all of these carols, so with enough effort, […]

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White Christmas - 12 Dec 2006

Here’s Santa lip syncing Irvin Berlin’s White Christmas (sung by the Drifters) with his reindeer on backup vocals. The movie was created by Joshua Held.

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.002 cents and .002 dollars - 11 Dec 2006

Over at Verizon Math rages a mathematical debate. The core of the issue is whether or not there’s a difference between .002 cents and .002 dollars. The only ones saying no are Verizon customer service representatives. You can read the transcript of the original phone call (apparently it wasn’t the only time). To their credit, […]

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Christmas lights set to music - 08 Dec 2006

I just found out that there’s a house with Christmas lights set to music a mere 3 miles from where I work. To hear the music you just tune to a radio frequency (like at drive-in movies) then sit back and enjoy the show. I saw the first video below a few years ago and […]

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A scrambled egg - 07 Dec 2006

I found this image quite humorous. I realize it’s not scrambled, but I couldn’t think of another witty description, so it will have to do.

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10 strange verses in the Bible - 06 Dec 2006

I’ve read the entire Old and New Testament of the King James Bible and there are many verses that were strikingly bizarre at first glance. A second glance only served to make them even more bizarre. From a list of 10 Bible verses that are never preached on, I learned two things: one, different translations […]

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A little town on the moon - 05 Dec 2006

Take a look at this news blurb: US space agency NASA has said it plans to start work on a permanently-occupied base on the Moon after astronauts begin flying back there in 2020. The base is likely to be built on one of the Moon’s poles and will serve as a science centre and possible […]

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Responding to e-mails - 04 Dec 2006

The length of an e-mail is directly proportional to the delay until I reply. I should probably preface that statement by explaining that I’m what’s known as a fast-replyer. If I receive a short e-mail, I’ll often reply within minutes. In fact, a friend once told this to their friend, who didn’t believe them. My […]

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Christmas desktop 2006 - 01 Dec 2006

It’s December 1st again, and you know what that means – it’s time to break out xsnow and a new Christmas wallpaper for the holidays. I’ve also started listening to my collection of Christmas music to get into the holiday spirit. Happy Holidays!

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