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ben hur - 31 Jan 2002

We started watching Ben Hur at about 9pm. I had never seen it but had heard good things so I was excited. After 6 minutes of sitting in front of the TV the movie hadn’t started yet. The TV was on, the DVD was in the DVD player, but all that was on the screen […]

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citizen kane at long last - 30 Jan 2002

I had an assignment to watch Citizen Kane in a film and theatre class I had. For some reason I didn’t see the movie when it was shown for the class, but I was given credit for seeing it under the agreement that I would watch it on my own. Alas, that was more than […]

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space trader - 29 Jan 2002

I had a short bout of addiction playing Space Trader on my new Sony Clié S-320. It involves trading goods among different space stations to make money in order to buy a better ship or buy better equipment for your existing ship. As you get more money you can buy more expensive items and make […]

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game lost - 25 Jan 2002

I was still too sore last night to play in the first basketball game of the tournament but I still went to show my support. The score was close for most of the first half, but the other team ended up winning 64-57. I look forward to being able to play next Thursday. Once I’m […]

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new handheld - 24 Jan 2002

I just got a new Sony Clie PEG-S320. It was rated the #1 PDA by a site that I was looking at and so far I’m quite pleased with it. I’d like to see how difficult it is to develop for Palm OS. I wouldn’t imagine it’s particularly hard and it would be kind of […]

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it hurts to move - 23 Jan 2002

I played basketball for about 2 hours, right after a half hour of flag football and another half hour of volleyball. The result: A great deal of pain. In fact, while taking a jump shot, both of my calves siezed up. The fact that I haven’t done much physical excercise probably has something to do […]

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harry potter - 21 Jan 2002

I finally saw the Harry Potter movie and quite enjoyed it. I’ve heard mixed reviews of it and agree that it followed the book very closely. This doesn’t make the movie good or bad, it’s just an observation. It was entertaining and funny, keeping the time filled so I wasn’t checking my watch. I will […]

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done the late night - 18 Jan 2002

Hah – that title may make you think that I’m going to be earlier or something. It actually means that I finished the book about the Late Night battle between Leno and Letterman. It was quite interesting. I caught a bit of Letterman’s show last night and it was strange to see him, knowing all […]

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comments on the site - 16 Jan 2002

When I first created a home page 7 years ago I used to spend long hours working on it only to realize that I was the only one using it. I tried to figure out how to get more traffic with little success. It’s nice to see that people are using the designs I made […]

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read a good book lately? - 15 Jan 2002

The XBox is no more and after watching reruns of Daria I decided that finding a good book was a more productive way to spend my time. I’m finishing off a book I got from my Uncle about Letterman and Leno vying for Johny Carson’s spot. When I finish that I’m going to go to […]

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tired little fingers - 11 Jan 2002

My roommate purchased a 47″ projection screen HDTV a little while ago which has brought us much TV watching delight. However, just two nights ago he rented an XBox along with Project Gotham and Dead or Alive. As a result, our evenings have been filled with tense game playing. While I was trying to beat […]

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cool riding - 09 Jan 2002

I finally bit the bullet and got a ride back to Provo to drive my motorycle up to my condo. It was a very cold ride but fun nonetheless. My fingers and legs were the coldest but it didn’t take long to recover. Once I got thawed out we installed a programmable thermostat so the […]

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exclamations - 07 Jan 2002

I got back to work this morning after having missed a day at work since I was in Denver doing a demo for HP. Since I’ve just moved into the condo I don’t have any internet access, which means I didn’t check my email. I had about 140 messages which took me a while to […]

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my travels - 02 Jan 2002

I had quite a trip from Boston to Salt Lake City. The line was quite long for checking baggage, but it went pretty quickly considering the size (about 20-30 minutes). The security line wasn’t that long at all (10 minutes) and I was at my gate in plenty of time. The agents at the gate […]

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