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Balloons and pets - 30 Apr 2007

When I was a student in elementary school we had a big activity where we all went outside with helium-filled balloons that had notes attached to them. The notes had our name, school and address and a brief request to whoever found the balloon to send us a postcard. I didn’t realize this event occurred […]

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The names of music stars - 27 Apr 2007

I knew John Denver’s real name was John Henry Deutschendorf, but this list has the names of tons of other well-known music stars, many of which I didn’t know about. A few of the more interesting finds include: Pat Benatar – Patricia Andrejewski Bono (U2) – Paul David Hewson Bonnie Tyler – Gaynor Hopkins Bo […]

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Funny student exam answers - 26 Apr 2007

Here’s a compilation of funny student exam answers that have floated around the web. One question that remains is how they got onto the web. Did the students scan and post them? Perhaps a friend was amused at their classmate’s stupidity and scanned it? Then again, maybe the teacher or professor decided to post it […]

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Play the drums online - 25 Apr 2007

If you ever have the urge to play the drums and you don’t have a drum set handy, this is the site for you.

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Handy e-mail trick - 24 Apr 2007

A recent tips of the trade trick about e-mail had some great advice. I already do half of it, and plan to begin doing the other half. The first part is to attach whatever you’re going to attach before you write the e-mail to avoid sending out the second e-mail explaining that you forgot to […]

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10 Commandments for a simpler life - 20 Apr 2007

On the heels of 17 ways to be more productive, I ran across another list of ways to simplify your life. It’s in the form of the ten commandments (except he uses “you” instead of “thou”).

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Vonage not doing so well - 19 Apr 2007

I’ve been using Vonage for quite some time now. The service has been adequate and I’ve seen no reason to switch until hearing about recent news involving patent infringements. It’s especially concerning to read quotes like, “its legal woes could lead to bankruptcy . . . possible interruption of service”. I don’t want to be […]

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Free online training videos - 18 Apr 2007

Expert Village is a great idea. They’ve found experts in all sorts of areas such as auto mechanics, health and fitness, music, parenting, hobbies and sports to record a series of instructional videos. The experts might be lacking in some areas, but of the videos I’ve watched they’re helpful if you’re just learning about a […]

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Facing your fears - 17 Apr 2007

Some days you’re courageous and in control. Other days a donkey leans in to say hello and you freak out.

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The truth about online shopping networks - 16 Apr 2007

If you’re ever tempted to buy something you see on TV late at night, remember what you saw in these videos.

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Run away! - 13 Apr 2007

This video reminds me of a flash mob, but with the laugh track I’m guessing it’s some sort of prank TV show like Candid Camera where they record people’s reactions to an instant group of people that appears out of nowhere. I wonder what kind of liability coverage they had in case the guy who […]

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How to get from Boston to London - 12 Apr 2007

I love to see companies maintain a sense of humor, but Google is in a league of its own when it comes to corporate antics. They regularly do an involved April fools gag, and they have little quirks and tricks throughout their products that entertain people. They’ve struck a balance between providing useful services and […]

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Benefits of keeping a journal - 11 Apr 2007

I’ve written in a journal nearly every day since December 2002. By my count I missed 14 days in 2003 and 2004 and haven’t missed a day since then. Actually, that’s slightly misleading. I haven’t necessarily written a journal entry each day, but I have an entry for every day. I typically write in my […]

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The Empire’s Worst Engineer - 10 Apr 2007

I give you The Inbox Of Nardo Pace, The Empire’s Worst Engineer. They’re funny, but they also make a good point about the questionable utility and practicality of thing in Star Wars, like the painfully slow trash compacter, the speaker in Darth Vader’s helmet and the awkward placement of Boba Fett’s ignition button.

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Ways to be more productive - 09 Apr 2007

Mark Shead made a list of 17 things you should stop doing that I enjoyed reading. Here are my responses to each of his items. Manually Depositing a Paycheck – I’ve done this for years and years, but there are other checks I get in the mail that I can’t deposit directly. Then there’s the […]

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Play Nintendo games in your browser - 06 Apr 2007

Nintendo 8 has an impressive collection of old 8-bit Nintendo games that you can play right in the browser. The game play is a bit weird since you’re used to playing with the arrow keys on the left and the A and B buttons on the right. After a few minutes I was able to […]

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History of housing prices - 05 Apr 2007

Yale economist Robert Shiller’s chart of historical housing prices is shocking (and frustrating if you’re buying a house). Now you can take it a step further and take a virtual ride on the roller coaster of housing prices (based on Shiller’s graph).

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How often should you change your oil? - 03 Apr 2007

You should always analyze the source of your information because it can make a big difference if that source has your best interests in mind. If a used car salesman tells you something about buying a car, they may have their own agenda that won’t help you. In the case of oil changes, I usually […]

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