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new poll - 30 Nov 1999

A lovely new poll. I thought this might spice things up a bit. I’m curious what the consensus is out there about this so please submit your vote. Any ideas for the site or something you’d like to see are always welcome.

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back to work - 29 Nov 1999

Back to work after a nice holiday weekend. It’s amazing how soon Christmas will be upon us – just a few more weeks. I should be quite busy with things this week so I won’t be doing too much on the site. However, if you find any errors or have any suggestions, as always, please […]

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no turkey day :( - 26 Nov 1999

I didn’t end up going to Wyoming but I did go away for a lovely Thanksgiving dinner. Mmmmm. I now have some time (a rather strange occurrence) to do some things so I plan on getting my family site improved. Email me with any ideas please.

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turkey day preparation - 22 Nov 1999

I think I’d better start working on another site. I need to think up a whole new way to work the site, and I’ve changed this one enough for now. I’m going to be gone (possibly) to Wyoming for Thanksgiving so I won’t be around from Wednesday to Saturday. I’m sure I’ll be deeply missed. […]

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da gimp - 20 Nov 1999

I’ve replaced the tangled mess of a picture with a rather slick looking Blue Ball that I created with The Gimp. I think it looks kind of cool. I’d like to do something a little more ambitious but we’ll see how it goes. At least it’s an improvement. Let me know if you have any […]

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site updates - 19 Nov 1999

As you may have noticed I’ve updated my site making it even more easy to update than before. The sidebar should be much quicker since it’s just tables rather than images. In fact, there are not going to be many images when I’m done. I’m going to be replacing the lovely crowded image you see […]

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usenix conference - 13 Nov 1999

Back from the USENIX LISA conference in Seattle. It was quite a bit of fun. I’ll have to try to make it next year. Now I have to catch up on everything that I missed the past three days. I’m adding quite a bit to my CD collection, so please let me know if there’s […]

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