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Have Fun With Family Photos on Windows - 29 Nov 2008

I recently changed my wife’s screensaver to show photos. Now when the screensaver kicks in we all gather round to see pictures we’d forgotten about. It’s very entertaining. PhotoJoy is an application that takes a photos screensaver to a new level. Check out the demo. (via Techcrunch)

Create a Polaroid of Your Online Photos - 02 Apr 2008

If you want to spice up some of your images, Photo Notes can help. It can turn your boring images into polaroids, and you can even write notes on them. To create one, pick the style, image, font and color of the note, then type the note. Here’s one I created.

Huge photos - 28 Aug 2006

I love huge photos. I love to be able to zoom in several times and have it be just as clear as the original picture. Wikipedia has a list of the largest photos in the world and GigaPxl is always a fun way to see some great large photos and zoom in. The current largest […]

randompixel - 27 Apr 2004

Kevin Fury has created a web site called random pixel where he releases a camera out into the wild with instructions to take a few pictures and pass it on to a stranger. When the film has been used, the camera is returned to him, and he posts the photos on the site.