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How to find the domains hosted on an IP address - 30 Nov 2006

With virtual hosting, a single IP address can host dozens of domains, and it can be interesting to find out what other domains are being hosted on the same server. Windows live search lets you use the ip: prefix to search for all the domains on a given IP address. For example, resolves to […]

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How to stop spam - 29 Nov 2006

An article from the Wall Street Journal alluded to a solution to spam that might just work. We pay $0.37 for letters and don’t complain (much) about it. We pay for internet access, cable, power, web hosting and a host of other things. What about charging money to send e-mails? Before you write off my […]

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Time duration calculator - 28 Nov 2006

I was planning to do something that took about 45 seconds and I wanted to know how long it would take if I did it 15 times. In the past, I’ve also wanted to calculate other things that were time-related and found that a regular calculator wasn’t all that useful. So, I’ve created a time […]

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No local search needed - 27 Nov 2006

Many sites are hard to navigate, don’t have sitemaps and have local searches that are mediocre at best. When I want to find information on a given site, I have to try to figure out what the designer was thinking and where they might have put various links and information. But I recently realized that […]

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An Ode to Thanksgiving - 22 Nov 2006

Twas the night ‘fore Thanksgiving And all through the day, The creatures were dreaming Of feasting away Their stomachs were stretched To a large goodly size Preparing for turkey And feasting on pies They were grateful to have A day to recall The blessings of heaven Some big and some small Surrounded by family Who’ve […]

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A rather difficult brain teaser - 22 Nov 2006

I received the following brain teaser by e-mail and posted it to my brain teasers page. I hadn’t yet figured it out and hoped someone else would help me out. Well, it’s now exactly one month from when I received it, and yesterday I finally got the answer. I wouldn’t dream of ruining the fun […]

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Why does K mean 1,000? - 21 Nov 2006

We were driving somewhere a few days ago and my wife asked why K means 1,000. I said I didn’t know and she said I should research it on my blog. So, here I am, researching it on my blog. I also wondered why K stands for a strikeout in baseball. The explanation is quite […]

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Amazon affiliate link generator - 20 Nov 2006

I signed up for Amazon’s affiliate program way back in March 2002 and at the end of October 2006 my total finally broke the $100 mark. I’m still awaiting the check (I think they sent it to my old address, even though I updated my address before the end of October. It is now set […]

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Bald-faced or bold-faced? - 17 Nov 2006

Is the correct term bald or bold? Apart from that statement, I’ve never heard anyone say someone has a bald face. Then again, I’ve never actually heard of anyone describe a person’s face as bold either. According to, both terms are correct. Google has 1,170,000 results for bold-faced and 490,000 for bald-faced, making bold-faced […]

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Free audio books - 16 Nov 2006

A friend recommended a book called “Captain Blood,” so I looked it up on wikipedia to find out more about it. On the wikipedia page there were links to free text and PDA versions at Project Gutenberg as well as a free audio version at Babblebooks. I hadn’t heard of BabbleBooks before, but it sounded […]

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IE7 uninstall turns ugly - 15 Nov 2006

I installed Internet Explorer 7 to see what it was like and was impressed. The tabs are a big improvement and in general I was pleased with it. Then I found out there were several web applications that I needed to use that weren’t compatible with IE7, so I uninstalled it to go back to […]

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Useful Firefox quick search bookmarks - 14 Nov 2006

I like making efficient use of my time, so I’m a big fan of anything that makes common tasks easier. I noticed a small set of web sites that I used a great deal, and realized that making it faster to use those sites would result in significant time savings. I’ve already talked about quicksearches […]

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Bees - 13 Nov 2006

Bees are very interesting and important creatures. For instance, if all the bees died, there would be no more plant life as we know it. Bees have to pollinate plants in order for them to reproduce. That’s why we have the phrase “busy as a bee.” They’ve got a lot to do. Some have claimed […]

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How to convert cassette tapes to MP3s - 10 Nov 2006

I have a few dozen cassette tapes that I wanted to digitize (i.e. convert to MP3) but I wasn’t aware of the best way to do it. After a bit of research and some experimenting, I came up with a workable solution. You need a cassette tape player that has a line out, ideally in […]

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Acronym tag no longer showing title in Firefox 2.0 - 09 Nov 2006

What’s up with the acronym tag in Firefox 2.0? It used to show alt text when you hovered over the acronym but as of the 2.0 release it no longer displays anything when you mouse over it. The acronym is still underlined and the mouse cursor changes when you mouse over it, but nothing happens. […]

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E-mail address required when commenting - 08 Nov 2006

I used to make your e-mail address optional when commenting because I never liked giving out my e-mail address but I’m now making it required. I promise not to reveal it anywhere, or to spam you, and if you still don’t trust me feel free to use a fake one, even something humorous. The reason […]

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A different kind of intelligence test - 07 Nov 2006

I’ve updated my riddles and brain teasers pages to make it easier to view the answer and I added more of them. There are a few that I don’t know the answer to, so feel free to take a crack at them and let me know if you figure it out. I don’t have answers […]

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Movie Tally - 06 Nov 2006

My wife and I watched The Aviator over the weekend and I was very disappointed. The movie was nominated for 11 Academy Awards and won 5 so we expected it to be great. Instead, we were bored out of our minds. The movie seemed like a half-hearted attempt at a documentary. After a quick read […]

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Carrom and Hungry Hippos - 03 Nov 2006

Has anyone heard of the game Carrom? I was reminded of it by the April 13th word of the day (Yes, that’s from 2004. This is one of my…ahem…really, really old drafts) and went online to see if it was well known or just a fart in the wind sort of game. Our family got […]

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WordPress 2.0.5 is out - 02 Nov 2006

I’m a few days late, but WordPress 2.0.5 is now available. The upgrade was painless (although as always, if you see anything screwy please let me know in the comments) and although the changes weren’t overly thrilling since they’re mostly bug fixes, it’s a good idea to upgrade. You can download it here.

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The percentages in weather - 01 Nov 2006

I got a strange phone call (well, a voicemail actually) on Sunday, October 22nd from a guy named Ben asking if I would research the percentages for weather forecasts. As far as I can recall, this is the first time I’ve received a phone call about my blog. As a side note to Ben, if […]

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