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the bike is back - 30 Mar 2002

I woke up at the leisurely hour of 12:30pm and had a filling pancake breakfast so I would have enough energy to go mountain biking with my roommate. As we were about to leave I discovered a voice mail on my cell phone which said that my CBR was all ready to go – it […]

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flash fun - 29 Mar 2002

One of the ways I think Flash can be used quite appropriately is in the entertainment spectrum and this one is great. I first found episode 3, but have since discovered that there are 8 of them. They’re all worth watching. I had the guy come this morning to look at the water heater and […]

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blimey, codswallop and gobsmacked - 28 Mar 2002

If you understood the title of this entry, you’re probably from or have spent time in the UK. Running has resulted in a lot of email correspondence that I haven’t always understood. For instance, I got an email from someone saying they were “chuffed” about something. I didn’t know if that was good thing […]

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britney spears fans - 27 Mar 2002

I’ve got a MasterCard commercial idea for ya: Selling a signed pair of your jeans for more than $7000: $100 Teaching thousands of people about semiconductor physics: free Having over 150,000 fans that can’t spell your name: priceless (Britney link via waferbaby) I also made up the price for the jeans, I have no idea […]

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Wahoo I’m on Yahoo - 26 Mar 2002

I just found out from reviewing my referrer logs that I’m listed on Yahoo as a web log now. The strange part is that last time I looked there was no description. I guess the reviewer at Yahoo was so astounded by the site that they were speechless (or “typeless” as the case may be). […]

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easy to use? - 25 Mar 2002

So easy to use, no wonder they can’t even use it themselves – AOL wanted everyone within their company to use their software but have given up because of all the complaints. It would be a useful exercise for more companies to use their own products in order to know what the user experience is […]

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buying NSX - 25 Mar 2002

I’ve just decided to purchase a 1991 NSX. Pretty slick looking isn’t it? :)

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a few new pictures - 22 Mar 2002

I’ve just added a few more photos of me that I found while rummaging through some photo albums. There are some pretty good ones if I do say so myself. A few links I found interesting: Microsoft error dialogues – That’s quite a list. (via The etymology of technology terms we know and love […]

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walking a muddy road - 20 Mar 2002

I had to get up 7am this morning (after going to bed at 2am last night) for a meeting and was quite tired. In an effort to wake up a little more I decided to walk to work. The air was brisk, the sun was up and my shoes got muddy. The walk took about […]

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digital bliss - 19 Mar 2002

During lunch today two friends of mine and I took pictures of each other with a digital camera. The results were mixed. Some of the photos came out quite well, but others were not so impressive. I’ll have to put some more up, but here’s one of my favorites: I’ll put others up when I […]

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google blog-bot - 18 Mar 2002

I think I’ve figured out the way google indexes blogs daily. It checks its list of possible blogs each day. If the site is has changed, it will update the cache with the latest version. If it is the same, then the cache goes back to the last month’s spidering of the site. It appears […]

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back from San Diego - 17 Mar 2002

I got back at about 1am Saturday from San Diego. The show was mildly successful and I showed the PhotoWebber demo to lots of people. We sold about 15 copies I think. It’s a great way to create web sites if you already design your site in Photoshop. The weather in San Diego wasn’t all […]

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gyro to San Diego - 14 Mar 2002

I’m looking forward to going to San Diego tomorrow for Photoshop World. I leave in the evening so I may not be updating things for a bit here. I still haven’t gotten the navigation finished. Yahoo Pool is too much fun ;) I am hoping to have some sort of internet access at the show, […]

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mozilla close - 13 Mar 2002

Mozilla 0.9.9 released – Now they have no where else to go unless they’re going to add another revision number. Houston, next release will be 1.0.0. I downloaded it last night and it’s running quite nicely. I also found out that the Flash 5.0 plugin for Linux is available, which means I can view a […]

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pool - 11 Mar 2002

I’ve discovered the joy of playing all types of pool. Our condo is slowly getting furnished thanks to my roommate who bought a three in one bumper pool, card and dining table. We played bumper pool Friday night and a fair amount Saturday. Then I discovered Yahoo Pool which is fun because you’re playing against […]

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shake what your momma gave ya - 09 Mar 2002

I’m going up to Salt Lake to a dance. Hopefully the music will be more suited to dancing than others that I’ve been to. I’m trying to think of a better method of navigation for the site. I’ve found that I can’t even find things on my site and I made it. If I can’t […]

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the white stuff - 08 Mar 2002

When I woke up I discovered that about two inches of snow had fallen during the night. It’s now March and I was hoping to be riding my motorcycle soon but that will obviously not be happening for a while. I must admit that it was quite a sight to see. The snow stayed on […]

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cheers to google - 07 Mar 2002

Google says they’ll stay honest – I can only hope this remains true in spite of commercial pressure to do otherwise. The search engines who sell the top spot to the highest bidder have turned into paid advertising. You’re not getting the most relevant site, you’re just getting the site who paid the most money […]

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not so flashy - 06 Mar 2002

There’s a thread on that I’ve been posting to about simple designs for web sites. I’ve gotten into a debate with another guy that posted concerning the use of Flash. He argues that Flash is widely accepted and useable, I argue that there are an estimated 18 million Linux users who only have Flash […]

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dang spammers - 05 Mar 2002

I got home at 6:30am this morning after working on our project all night and slept until 4pm this afternoon. I didn’t have to go into work so I got some errands done and got my library card. I’m glad I don’t have that schedule every day. I’ve seen an increase in spam lately and […]

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late nights - 04 Mar 2002

It’s about 10pm and I’m still at work along with the rest of most of my coworkers in engineering. We received a document at 1pm today that must be returned by 9:30am tomorrow in order to continue working with them. I’m thinking we may be here for a while. It’s kind of fun to all […]

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no more evolving for you - 01 Mar 2002

It looks like evolution is over with – Okay, everybody out of the gene pool. Evolution is no more. It was fun while it lasted, a wild ride to be sure. We’ll miss you dear evolution. Einstein and Gödel were buddies – I always enjoy learning about Einstein. He was quite a guy. This article […]

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