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Literal Music Videos - 31 Oct 2008

Remember the famous Take on Me music video? I wrote about Family Guy’s modification, and here I am writing about yet another alteration. Here is the music video, taken literally. The same folks did a literal version of Head over Heels too. Pure comedy genius! I hope they do more songs.

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$199 Mind Mapping Software for Free - 30 Oct 2008

If you like Mindmapping you can get a sweet deal on ConceptDraw MindMap. It usually costs $199, but it’s free. To get your copy: Step 1. Download it Step 2. Generate a key Step 3. Start mindmapping! Freemind is a popular mindmapping application that’s free all the time. Having used both, I’m sticking with ConceptDraw. […]

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Turn Your Inbox Into Miami Beach - 24 Oct 2008

3d Mailbox turns your Inbox into Miami Beach. The people are your incoming email messages, the bouncer is the spam filter. If the message is deemed valid, the person goes into the pool until you read them. Once they’re read, they go to the cabana. If the bouncer deems the message as spam, the person […]

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10 Ways to Improve Your Commute - 02 Oct 2008

The BBC has ten useful driving tips to make your commute more pleasant. Here are the tips. 1. Don’t misread the horn 2. Don’t change lanes in slow-moving traffic 3. Make eye contact when you can 4. Limit your commute to a quarter of an hour 5. Remember, you don’t own that parking space 6. […]

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Add Features to Your MP3 Player For Free - 01 Oct 2008

I own a Sansa MP3 player. A few months ago I learned about RockBox, a replacement firmware for various MP3 players. I tried it and loved it. It’s like putting Linux on a computer. It’s more customizable and you have new features galore. The other side of the coin is that, like Linux, it’s not […]

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