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the sanity of drivers - 30 Apr 2004

The next time you feel the need to write a honku, the following article may be enough to cool your engines. In Nigeria they have a problem with drivers going the wrong way. It’s not just once in a while either – it’s a common occurrence! And while you may declare in a fit of […]

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blimey - 29 Apr 2004

Snow: precipitation in the form of small white ice crystals formed directly from the water vapor of the air at a temperature of less than 32ºF. April 28, 2004 (KSL News) — Today it’s been blowing, snowing, and raining as a cold front pushes its way through the valley. I was wrong and Jason was […]

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free baskin robbins - 28 Apr 2004

Extra, extra! Get yer free ice cream today only. (And it’s not an urban legend either. It’s for real)

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gurus vs. bloggers - 28 Apr 2004

The web site designs of web gurus and bloggers were pitted against each other in the battle of the century. The result? Bloggers by a landslide. I wonder why that is. I would have thought professionals would take the time to create a web site that is clean, usable and aesthetically appealing, but I would […]

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randompixel - 27 Apr 2004

Kevin Fury has created a web site called random pixel where he releases a camera out into the wild with instructions to take a few pictures and pass it on to a stranger. When the film has been used, the camera is returned to him, and he posts the photos on the site.

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rot13 - 23 Apr 2004

While working on a brain teasers in a community on Orkut a few people were nearing the answer, and others were still working on it. Instead of posting the correct answer in plain text and ruining it for those who were still figuring it out, it was posted in rot13 format. It reminded me of […]

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the blimp man returns - 22 Apr 2004

A little less than a year ago I posted a story about a sinister blimp that was hilarious. It was posted again on Metafilter today, so I read the story again and it was still quite funny. I wanted to see what else was at the site so I removed the page from the URL […]

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mt blacklist and pepys - 21 Apr 2004

MT-Blacklist 1.6.3 (tar/gzip, zip) was just released. Since I was changing things anyway, I got the latest blacklist too, so now everything is up-to-date. This looks like it will be the last release based on Jay’s comments. His reasoning is that Movable Type 3.0 will have sufficient methods to manage comment spam so the utility […]

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cloning is now a reality - 20 Apr 2004

1. Go to Google and search for cloning. 2. Click on the top sponsored link with the title, “Cloning Is Now A Reality – The Godsend Institute Can Create Life From Life Via Cloning, Today! (make sure you have flash enabled in your browser) 3. Read through the site, finding quotes like: All of the […]

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honku - 19 Apr 2004

Aaron Naparstek had heard one too many honks when a driver in front his apartment let out a long, loud honk. Aaron decided that if the honk was still blaring by the time he got to the refrigerator, retrieved a carton of eggs, and opened the window, then he deserved to be egged. That, he […]

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a normal michael jackson - 16 Apr 2004

I wonder if Michael Jackson regrets all of his plastic surgery. That makes me wonder what he would have looked like at age 45 without it. Based on age progression, this is what he may have looked like, compared to what he looks like now. Which one would you vote for?

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nothing beautiful about the swan - 15 Apr 2004

The first time I heard about FOX’s new TV show The Swan it left a bad taste in my mouth, but I couldn’t figure out just what it was that I didn’t like. The idea of altering someone so much that their own mother wouldn’t recognize them and not even asking the individual what they […]

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the technical interview - 13 Apr 2004

I’m doing some spring cleaning and finding a few ancient posts. This one was written on August 31, 2002, but just yesterday I was reading USA Today and found an article about how employees have been abused during the recession and, “when a job-producing recovery really kicks in, as appears to be happening, companies will […]

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ideas for blog improvements - 12 Apr 2004

I’m in a Chicago hotel room right now and just paid $9.95 to get internet access so I could check e-mail. I wasn’t going to make a blog entry because it’s late and I want to get up early tomorrow in order to do all the fun stuff in Chicago (like going to a Bulls […]

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free web site thumbnails - 08 Apr 2004

This site provides free thumbnails of sites in the DMOZ directory. I can’t think of use for them at the moment, but it’s cool to see an entire site in a 120×90 image. Plus, they’re so easy to use, I felt compelled to include some:

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square wheeled bicycle and more - 07 Apr 2004

Today I found lots of interesting links so instead of picking just one, I’m including all of them. Stan Wagon has developed a bicycle with square wheels, but it provides a smooth ride. How? By creating a road with a rather odd shape. Pictures of toilets from around the world. I used a few strange […]

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the chicken - 06 Apr 2004

After reading Cecil Adams’ discussion of cage free chickens I realized that you don’t see chickens in the wild (at least I don’t). Then I realized that you don’t see many wild dogs or cats either (at least not the typical dog and cat). Other pets have their wild counterparts, like horses, fish and birds, […]

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how to increase readership - 05 Apr 2004

This article on how to increase your blog’s readership doesn’t say anything I haven’t heard before, but repetition can be helpful. It would also help if I were to to try some of those things instead of just reading about them. He has also written several other articles about improving your blog which may provide […]

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butthead astronomer - 02 Apr 2004

I read about this lawsuit and had to share. Plaintiff: Carl Sagan, world-famous astronomer. Defendant: Apple Computer, Inc. In 1993 one of the project managers of a personal computer decided to use “Carl Sagan” for the internal name of the project. The name would not be released to the public and was thought to be […]

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