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Logitech Marble Mouse trackball - 30 Nov 2004

Here’s a review I wrote for Epinions on the Logitech Marble Mouse, which I bought a few months ago. I’m using it as I write this entry and it still works great. Simple, yet functional and built to last Aug 03 ’04 Pros: Smooth, doesn’t need cleaning, reduces wrist movement Cons: Can’t scroll, no middle […]

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a bar of gold brain teaser - 29 Nov 2004

I signed up a few weeks ago for the daily brain teaser at Braingle, and today’s brain teaser is one I’ve heard before, but I couldn’t recall the answer. If you like a little brain workout, try to figure it out. A worker is to perform work for you for seven straight days. In return […]

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matching the lowest price - 28 Nov 2004

During one of my searches for the lowest price online (it was a watch in this case) I found a company that was asking much more for the watch than most other vendors, but they said they would match any competitor’s price. Curious, I e-mailed them with the lowest price I had found, some $50 […]

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3D sidewalk chalk drawings - 24 Nov 2004

Take a look at some of these sidewalk drawings (more here). It’s hard to believe they’re real because they look so unbelievable, but apparently there is a specific angle that makes them look real. I’d be curious to see them from different angles just to see what they look like. The most impressive ones are […]

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efficient editing with VIM - 23 Nov 2004

I’ve used VIM as my editor for several years, and I consider myself to be a competent user, but I learned several new features from Jonathan McPherson’s page about efficient editing with VIM. Here are the highlights. I will be using the first two from now on and will probably wonder how I managed without […]

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mailing quickly with PHP - 21 Nov 2004

I had a mailing list with 115+ subscribers that took well over a minute to send using PHP’s mail function. That was far too long to wait so I began searching for a way to speed it up. I was surprised at how little information there was describing straightforward methods to speed up the process […]

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delicious - 19 Nov 2004

As with most new things, it takes a few different exposures to something before I decide to take a look at it. I heard about bloglines several times before I started using it, and the same is true with Delicious. Now I use both of them on a daily basis. The final two times that […]

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protecting your identity - 18 Nov 2004

In the December 2004 issue of Money magazine (page 45) there is an article about a woman’s experience of having her identity stolen. Like other stories I’ve heard, it chronicles the disastrous consequences, then explains that the perpetrator went free because there were no witnesses who actually saw the suspect filling out credit applications. That […]

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100 worst songs - 17 Nov 2004

Blenders Magazine came up with a list of the 100 worst songs based on the criteria that they were hits, and weren’t songs that were meant to be cheesy, like Macarena and Who Let the Dogs Out (who, who who who. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) The article says the entry that is most likely to […]

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i like the sound of silence - 16 Nov 2004

Scott Bradner, a columnist at Network World Fusion wrote an article that I agree with 110%. His question is similar to the one I asked about cell phones, but he’s asking about operating systems, applications and web sites – why can’t we get quiet by default?

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how well can an infant see? - 14 Nov 2004

I have heard conflicting statements regarding what a baby can see when they are first born, so I decided to see what I could find on the web. I found what I was searching for at The Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, more specifically the article entitled What Can My Baby See? The short answer is […]

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choosing a good password - 11 Nov 2004

I enjoy coming up with new passwords. It usually takes some time to come up with a good one, and then you have to work at being able to type it quickly, but aside from that, it’s fun. I don’t change my passwords as often as I should, but when I’m forced to change them […]

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plucker - 11 Nov 2004

I hadn’t done much with my PDA for a while, but I learned about Plucker and decided to try it out. Plucker allows you to download web pages to your PDA so you can read them offline. I gave it the list of links from my blogroll and it downloaded each of their front pages, […]

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the mysterious name - 09 Nov 2004

I lived on the same street as my elementary school for third and fourth grade so I would often pass the school in the afternoon as I went about my various activities. There was a white iron fence in front of the school separating the sidewalk from the grass. The paint was chipped and worn […]

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Firefox 1.0 released - 09 Nov 2004

Firefox 1.0 has been released, get it while it’s hot. Oddly enough, the default start page is a customized Firefox page on Google. I wonder what’s cooking there…

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mambo - 09 Nov 2004

I just found out about an incredible looking open source CMS called Mambo. They’ve been nominated as the Best Free Software Project in the 2004 Linux Format Awards (which I hadn’t heard of before but if you’re a Linux user you would probably enjoy voting), and from the short time I’ve looked at their product, […]

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top 100 speeches - 08 Nov 2004

American Rhetoric has compiled a list of the top 100 speeches, and most include links to audio and transcribed versions. The #1 one speech is Martin Luther King Jr’s I Have a Dream, which deserves its position, but one of my favorites is number 8, Ronald Reagan’s Space Shuttle “Challenger” Tragedy Address. There are several […]

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opera redirect not working - 04 Nov 2004

For some reason Opera cannot handle having an anchor in a URL to redirect. I wrote a simple test with a form that has a single hidden field containing a URL with an anchor. When submitted, the form sends the hidden value to be used in a call to the header function, which is supposed […]

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how to solve the comment spam problem - 04 Nov 2004

Anyone that has a blog with comments enabled has probably dealt with the unpleasant experience of checking their e-mail and finding hundreds of comment notifications after being hit by a comment spammer. A lot of time and effort has been made to resolve this problem and yet the spam continues. I’ve been trying to come […]

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running MLS on a network drive - 03 Nov 2004

If anyone is using the MLS software produced by the LDS church and happens to want to run it from a shared network drive, I just figured out how. I also found the Unofficial MLS FAQ at and was pleased to find out that you can run MLS on Linux. Since they’re using a […]

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