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bike is back - 30 Apr 2001

I picked up my CBR this morning and rode it to work. Very nice ride – great weather and a brand new rear tire. I missed riding it over the weekend. I also spent a lot of time moving into the condo Saturday. I’m all moved in and pretty much settled. It’s nice to have […]

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new color / W3C - 27 Apr 2001

First off, I changed the background color because I think it looks a little nicer and it’s easy on the eyes. I also changed the stylesheets to be more backwards compatible, so if things look different or wrong please let me know. The only problem with testing is that I have very limited access to […]

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boarder zone - 26 Apr 2001

I didn’t get 30, but I got 29.61 which I guess is close enough. I found a whole new side to the game by doing the half pipe and air rather than just racing for time. I still have to refine my ability to do tricks, but it was a lot of fun. Now I […]

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flat tire - 25 Apr 2001

Dagnabbit, I got a flat tire on the bike. I was cruising down I-15 and I ran out of gas, so I reached down and clicked on the reserve and voila, it worked. I was quite pleased with myself but as I started taking turns it seemed like the front end was getting kind of […]

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slight change of design - 23 Apr 2001

I have changed the design to make it more readable and usable. Let me know if there is anything wrong with it or if you have any suggestions to make it look better. Thanks ;)

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croc dundee - 23 Apr 2001

I just saw the newest Crocodile Dundee movie and despite the bad reviews I thought it was a funny movie. Today is my birthday and we went to Taco Bell for lunch. Now I’m kind of stuffed. A birthday is kind of strange, because I’m really not a year older, since it’s just the first […]

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moving not so bad - 21 Apr 2001

I’ve moved the majority of my junk into the condo and it wasn’t that bad. I’ve just got clothes left to move and some odds and ends, but it shouldn’t be that bad. I guess moving’s not that bad after all ;) I finished earlier than I thought so I could go for a ride […]

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ramblings - 20 Apr 2001

I didn’t take the motorcycle today – looks like rain. Not much going on now – we’re almost ready to release Beta 2 for our product and when that’s done all we have left to do is the final release version. This weekend I’ll be moving to a condo. It will be nice to be […]

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the blustery day - 19 Apr 2001

The ride home last night was extremely windy and I had to lean into it so I wouldn’t get buffeted around the lane. The only problem with leaning is that when the wind lets up you end up careening across the lane until you readjust, only to be buffeted by another gust of wind. Wasn’t […]

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another good ride - 18 Apr 2001

I rode my motorcycle to work again today and didn’t even go above 75mph except for a few quick bursts of speed to get past a semi’s blindspot or to pass a car. Yesterday I ran out of gas and instead of just reaching down to turn on the reserve, I pulled over and tried […]

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great ride, good weather - 17 Apr 2001

I had a good ride last night and rode to work this morning. The weather is being very cooperative now which is most appreciated. It’s nice to have the bike running smoothly and without problems. I’ll probably take some pictures today of it since a friend at work brought his VFR to work too.

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beautiful weather - 15 Apr 2001

Man oh man – I’m itching to ride my CBR. The weather is perfect – sunny, warm, blue skies. I’ll be going for a ride for sure ;) Nothing much happening – I think I’ve got things at work figured out except for a socket closed exception that keeps getting thrown. I’ll have to read […]

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haircut / workout - 13 Apr 2001

I went to the gym last night and am rather sore today, but if I keep going regularly the soreness will soon pass. I just have to figure out that “regularly” part. It would be nice to get into shape for the summer. I also got my hair cut by a very cute girl and […]

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argh it be winter matey - 12 Apr 2001

I picked my motorcycle up from the Honda dealership last night with the 8000 mile service done and the inspection completed and had a great ride home. Then I wake up this morning to a veritable blizzard with about an inch of accumulation on my car. I got a 30-day permit for the CBR though, […]

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good weather - 11 Apr 2001

The weather is finally improving and as soon as I get my motorcycle inspected and registered I should be able to ride it again without being freezing or rained on. Alas, I was defeated by my roommate and as of yet I have not been able to once again reign triumphant on the video game […]

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victory - 10 Apr 2001

I beat my roommates score by two tenths of a second – I finished in 1:41:51 and he had set the previous record at 1:41:53. It may not be much, but it still puts me at the top of the Hall of Fame list :) I took my bike to the shop last night and […]

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weather improving? - 09 Apr 2001

Even though it’s still cold, it was sunny this morning so hopefully it will warm up soon and I can ride my bike again. I just have to get it inspected and registered and I’ll be ready to go for the summer. I got into work late today because I was playing Boarder Zone very […]

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lazy saturdays - 07 Apr 2001

I woke up at 10:30am…ah the joys of sleeping in. However, the rain continues to fall and the air remains quite cold. I want to ride my motorcycle but I don’t think the weather is in any mood to cooperate. Guess I’ll just have to get something to eat.

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argh rain - 06 Apr 2001

I really wish it would stop raining – I don’t mind a little rain, but this is too much for my liking. I have been planning on riding my motorcycle for a whole week now. Hopefully the weather will clear up soon. Dang – I’ve got a lot of work to do here at work. […]

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airport - 05 Apr 2001

I just got back from giving a ride to my cousin (Becky) to the airport. It wasn’t that busy, and there were no long lines anywhere, but I’m glad I don’t go there everyday. Now I’ve got to get back to work. Dang yahoo mail is having problems today. Alas.

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talked with chesney hawkes - 04 Apr 2001

I was at my desk this morning and got a call from a woman with a thick english accent and figured it was a recruiter, until she said she was from ARC Records and it turned out to be Chesney Hawkes’ record label. I finally got to talk with the man himself! It’s really neat […]

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funny stuff - 03 Apr 2001

I don’t often laugh out loud when I read a humor column, but Bruce Cameron writes some hilarious stuff. If you want a good laugh, I highly recommend him. Now if the weather would only get warmer, I could get my bike registered and finally be legal.

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monday morning - 02 Apr 2001

Bleh. I didn’t eat breakfast and had a can of lemonade which really doesn’t cut it. We also had an “all hands” meeting this morning at work and it sounds like things are going well with the merger and such, which is nice. Just have to get into that working mode now. It can take […]

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