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Various links - 31 Aug 2006

What will celebrity babies look like in 2026? Utah neighbors differ on home decoration. Video of the Stanford Prison Experiment 1 The human population represented in pixels. The vehicles owned by the world’s top ten billionaires. TIME Magazine’s 50 coolest web sites.

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Don’t open a page in a new window - 30 Aug 2006

In Firefox, I have the pages I’m browsing in tabs within a single window. I find it annoying to have a new window pop up when I click a link. Granted, I can Ctrl-click to have the link show up in a tab, but I discovered a better solution. In the Firefox preferences you can […]

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Optical illusion video - 29 Aug 2006

1. Watch the video below. 2. Look away when the instructions tell you to. It’s cool, but kind of weird too.

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Huge photos - 28 Aug 2006

I love huge photos. I love to be able to zoom in several times and have it be just as clear as the original picture. Wikipedia has a list of the largest photos in the world and GigaPxl is always a fun way to see some great large photos and zoom in. The current largest […]

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Online diagrams - 26 Aug 2006

I wanted to make a diagram of my home network so I could keep track of everything and how they’re connected. I could have used Dia or Visio, but I created it online instead. The site I used is called Gliffy, and its interface is extremely advanced for a web application. They’re blurring the line […]

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Bush singing songs - 25 Aug 2006

I had no idea President Bush was so musical. Imagine and A Walk on the Wild Side Sunday Bloody Sunday

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Pluto is no longer a planet - 24 Aug 2006

Pluto has gotten a planetary pink slip, and is no longer considered a planet. It’s not all bad news though. School children can rejoice over having one less planet to remember on their science quiz. The Wikipedia entry for pluto has already been updated with the change. More coverage can be found in the Mercury […]

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The worst cars ever made - 24 Aug 2006

You might buy a car that ends up being a lemon, but that doesn’t mean all of those cars are bad. However, there are some models that were essentially all lemons. The folks at have compiled a list of the worst cars ever made. Some looked terrible. Some had serious safety issues. Others fell […]

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Don’t download this song - 23 Aug 2006

Don’t download this song.

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Weird science - 22 Aug 2006

Here is Dimtry’s list of the top ten craziest science facts. I’m not sure they’re all true, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

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I Have a Dream - 21 Aug 2006

I have a dream that one day, we will share our e-mail addresses with others without having to worry about being deluged with unsolicited e-mail. I have a dream that we’ll be able to post our actual e-mail address on our web sites, without having to tell people to remove this, or add that, or […]

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Your name in Japanese - 19 Aug 2006

Do you know what your name looks like in Japanese? I didn’t either until I found this site. I used both Dan and Daniel. I’m not a fan of Danieru, the Japanese pronunciation for Daniel. It makes my name sound like a Pokemon. This is what the name “Dan” looks like in Japanese: It is […]

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How much is your site worth? - 18 Aug 2006

Here are three ways to measure your site, all using backlinks as a means of valuation. First, is it a big fish? Second, what is the dollar value? Third, what level of pimp is your site? Here are my results: (via presurfer)

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How fast is your internet connection? - 17 Aug 2006

Many people want to know how fast their internet connection is. I’m here to help. Here are the best sites I know of with screenshots of the results and my commentary on each one. – Flash interface. You pick the server to use. Tests up and down. Very accurate. You feel like a race […]

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Car Tipping - 16 Aug 2006

There’s a new car on the market, known as the Mitsubishi I, and it is a truly hideous beast. If, as their marketing states, it embodies someone’s self-expression, I don’t want to meet them. That reminded me of the car tipping fiasco with the Smart Car, where a smart car enthusiast posted about how his […]

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Sketch Swap - 15 Aug 2006

I’m not much of an artist so using is fun because I always get a much better drawing than the one I submitted. The idea is simple. You create a drawing and then submit it, and in return you get to see someone else’s drawing. If you see any of mine, I apologize.

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How to write in plain English - 14 Aug 2006

I’m always interested in improving my writing so when I saw the Plain English Guide, my curiosity was piqued. I aim to write in plain English, but it can be hard. Below are their eight steps to write in plain English. Keep your sentences short Prefer active verbs Use ‘you’ and ‘we’ Choose words appropriate […]

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Web to DNA - 12 Aug 2006

A long while ago I posted about Organic HTML (which has since been taken down) where you could see a perty plant representing your web site. Now you can turn your site into DNA. It’s not as bee-you-tiful as the plant, but it’s still interesting. Strangely enough, entering kills it, producing an ASP error. […]

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Home Energy Analyzer - 11 Aug 2006

Here’s a way to see how energy efficient your house is. It’s called the Home Analyzer and can get pretty detailed if you keep drilling down and entering information about your appliances. You can also enter your recent gas and electric bills and it will tell you how they compare with other people in your […]

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Here it Goes on Treadmills - 10 Aug 2006

I’m on a video kick, so in keeping with the theme, here’s an extremely odd yet strangely amusing music video involving lots of treadmills and oddly dressed men.

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Stiltwalkers - 09 Aug 2006

This 4-minute short called Stiltwalkers was created by a 22 year-old BA student from Belgium in 7 months. Very impressive. (via presurfer)

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We Are The Internet - 08 Aug 2006

From comes an unparalleled music video, the likes of which will cause nightmares. I was familiar with Peter Pan Man and the Tron Guy but I had never heard about Leslie “Sweater Girl” Hall. Life was better that way. Be warned, this will be an experience you won’t soon forget, even though you’ll want […]

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Daniel Boone or Davy Crockett Real? - 07 Aug 2006

I recently had a flashback to my childhood and remembered hearing about Davy Crockett (with the song about him being king of the wild frontier). I never heard about Davy Crockett without a mention of Daniel Boone, but then I realized I had no idea if they were made up folk heros like Paul Bunyan […]

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wordcamp notes - 05 Aug 2006

These are the notes that I took at WordCamp. Some of them are kind of random and are just what I thought I should write down. They are pretty casual but I didn’t want to take too much time cleaning them up. so they’re pretty raw. This will be updated throughout the day as I […]

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off to wordcamp - 05 Aug 2006

I’m off to WordCamp in a few minutes. I’m looking forward to meeting people I’ve heard about online but have never met, and I’m also looking forward to hearing about the future plans for WordPress. There are around 500 people planning to attend, so it should be quite an event and the schedule has some […]

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friday links - 04 Aug 2006

In 1900, 13 percent of people who were 65 could expect to see 85. Now, nearly half of 65-year-olds can expect to live that long. People even look different today. American men, for example, are nearly three inches taller than they were 100 years ago and about 50 pounds heavier – NY times. 10 cars […]

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random reboots on xp - 03 Aug 2006

I had a Windows XP machine at home that would restart at random, often overnight when no one was around to see any errors (if there were any). It was becoming quite annoying, although if it hadn’t been for the SessionSaver firefox extension it would have been a lot worse. These are the steps I […]

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can you really boil a frog? - 02 Aug 2006

You may have heard the story about the frog, often used to illustrate the powerful affects little things can have in our lives. As the story goes, if you put a frog in a pot of boiling water it will jump right. However, if you put a frog in a pot of lukewarm water and […]

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the spanish lisp - 01 Aug 2006

I lived in Spain for two years. From the time I found out I was going there until now, I’ve heard the same question. Don’t they talk with a lisp there? The short answer is no, they don’t talk with a lisp, and if you think they do, and you speak English, then you speak […]

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