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blogging and politics - 31 Dec 2003

USA Today has an article about how bloggers are rewriting the rules of journalism. It’s a good article, but I take issue with the claim that political blogs have had the most impact. I agree they’ve had a significant impact, but there are many non-political blogs that have made just a big of an impact. […]

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words of 2003 - 30 Dec 2003

With the end of the year around the corner it’s no surprise to see a slew of best of lists for 2003, but I didn’t expect to see a top ten lists of words for the year. Blog is the #2 word, which is kind of cool, but not nearly as cool as the amusing […]

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2003’s top gainers - 29 Dec 2003

This year’s top ten stocks caught my eye in the news. I looked at some of the charts (Avaya for example) and discovered that the reason many of them jumped so high is because they were at all-time lows last year. Ebay’s growth on the other hand appears to be consistently trending upward. Eric Hellweg […]

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beware of password scams - 23 Dec 2003

Yahoo Mail has been displaying a warning about password scams recently, and although the scams I mention below have passed, there are always more coming down the line. There have already been news articles about the paypal scam but I wanted to echo the words of caution. I received two official-looking e-mails that I might […]

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the chipmunks - 22 Dec 2003

Hearing “The Chipmunk Song” a few times this holiday season has made me curious. Did the original singer sing so slowly that when it was sped up to sound like chipmunks it sounded normal? How slow would you have to sing? Maybe the guy(s) sounded like that normally due to a severe birth defect. Or […]

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geek social fallacies - 19 Dec 2003

Michael Suileabhain-Wilson has written about 5 geek social fallacies that he has observed. I wouldn’t say I’m an über geek, but I can see myself having some of these tendencies and it’s interesting to have them articulated and open to analyzation.

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40 greatest US bands today - 17 Dec 2003

The Guardian made a list of the top 40 US bands out of all those that currently perform. I won’t spoil it for you, but I have never even heard of their number one pick (though they sound like they could use a lifetime supply of chap stick…). Am I just out of the cool […]

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quack quack - 16 Dec 2003

Action alert! United Poultry Concerns is displeased with the treatment of the duck in Aflac commercials saying it represent ducks in dangerous, unnatural, and degrading situations. The duck wasn’t harmed in the commercial and probably gets a warm bath every night and is the envy of all the other ducks freezing in a pond somewhere, […]

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google’s define - 15 Dec 2003

Google recently added a new feature that allows you to search for the definition of a word using “define:”. It also works for acronyms. For instance, a search for define:afaik would give you the meaning of the acronym AFAIK. It’s a handy feature to have.

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2003 weblog awards - 15 Dec 2003

Wherever there are awards, there will be strong opinions on both sides of the fence regarding their value. The blogging world is no different, as evidenced by the fiascoes and debates about the 2003 Wizbang Weblog Awards. I’m of the opinion that the awards give people a chance to get a little recognition and it […]

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new version of mt-blacklist - 11 Dec 2003

Jay Allen has released MT-Blacklist version 1.62. If you’re upgrading an existing version you should probably get the latest blacklist.txt that he has been maintaining. Here are the installation and upgrade instructions.

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the freedom of flight - 11 Dec 2003

The outlines of three planes with colored ribbons floating behind them may not sound entertaining, but give it a try. I found it mesmerizing. Free Flight Note: The arrow keys control your flight, spacebar changes the camera angle, and numbers one through four make your wingmen do tricks. (via Mefi)

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one more month - 10 Dec 2003

I have remained silent on a rather significant issue and have decided it’s about time I spill the beans. Initially I was hesitant to discuss my personal life because the site has migrated from a quasi-journal to a blog, and personal entries didn’t seem to fit anymore. If you will permit me to return to […]

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african or european? - 08 Dec 2003

Jonathan Corum of has answered a question that has plagued mankind since the beginning of time. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? Saying, “What do you mean, African or European?” doesn’t cut it anymore.

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numbah one - 05 Dec 2003

I don’t mean to toot my own horn (and we all know when you say you don’t mean to do something, you have permission to do that very thing), but check out Google’s ranked list of blogs starting with the letter A. Somehow I managed to surpass Matt Haughey, creator of Metafilter among other sites. […]

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a norelco - 04 Dec 2003

I just bought a Norelco razor (the Reflex Plus 6843XL) because I don’t enjoy shaving with a blade and I must say I’m impressed. You can tell a lot of engineering went into the design, and the end result is an extremely close shave. I saw the commercials and thought it was all hype but […]

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top grossing films - 01 Dec 2003

The top ten list of highest grossing films of all time has an interesting mix. I don’t think I would have guessed many of these, but after seeing what they were, I’m not too surprised. George Lucas sure managed to make popular movies. He’s got three in the top ten.

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