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the next big thing - 31 May 2003

In Blogs: The Next Big Thing Dvorak compares blogging with CD-ROMs and the dot-com phenomenon. He predicts both Leno and Letterman will make jokes about blogs, Nightline will do a show devoted to blogs and we will see blogging millionaires. I like the sound of that last one. Here’s to making millions with our blogs.

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trading spaces - 30 May 2003

A few nights ago I was asked by a friend if I wanted to be on Trading Spaces, a TV show where they use one thousand dollars to ruin a room of your choosing. Call me cynical, but this article shows a lot of folks who were less than thrilled with the changes made to […]

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writing the living web - 30 May 2003

10 tips on writing the living web isn’t targeting bloggers necessarily but almost all of the suggestions apply. I don’t agree with a few of his suggestions however. For example, Undressing, literally, figuratively, or emotionally, has always been a powerful force in personal sites and web logs. I have no desire to hear about literal, […]

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mt 2.64 released - 30 May 2003

Movable Type 2.64 is now available. No new features as it’s a maintenance release, but you know you want the latest version.

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headlines just for you - 28 May 2003

Memigo is a new web site that displays news items it thinks you’ll like based on your reading history. It’s like having your very own news butler.

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answering a cell phone - 27 May 2003

In the past week I was twice surprised by someone answering their cell phone during a moment I considered inappropriate. However, I answered mine in one of the following three scenarios and it could have been inappropriate too. To avoid any bias, I’ll let you be the judge. What is your opinion on the three? […]

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new blog directory - 25 May 2003

There’s a new blog directory (at least this is the first time I remember hearing about it) called Blogwise, listing blogs by country and keywords. It also displays random and top blogs. Add yours

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billy joel movin’ up - 24 May 2003

A musical based on Billy Joel‘s songs is on Broadway and as part of the publicity for the show, Katie Couric interviewed Joel. The interview reveals a glimpse of what he’s like as a normal person. I often wonder what people are really like, as opposed to what you see in movies or events where […]

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are web designers obsolete? - 23 May 2003

Who needs a web designer when you can generate designs yourself? It only took a few reloads to produce an appealing design and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper, but I doubt it will make much of a wave in the web design industry. There are too many skilled designers making elegant designs. For […]

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reading can save lives - 22 May 2003

It was a cold December morning and I was at the Logan airport in Boston at 6am. I waited in line to check luggage and get my boarding pass for a half hour. Unfortunately, the line for security was even longer so I dejectedly began the trek. By the time I reached Miami, the end […]

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funny meditation - 21 May 2003

Meditation can be a great way to relax and reduce stress or tension. You don’t need anything but a place to relax and if you’re tired, a 10-minute meditation can give your body a chance to recuperate. Laughter is another way to achieve similar results. Studies have shown it can reduce stress, relieve pain, improve […]

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g00gle - 20 May 2003

I got a message from an email address at At first I thought it was a typo or a fake, but my reply didn’t bounce, so I knew the domain was valid. That sparked my curiosity about other domains with 0’s instead of O’s. I checked but it was blank, so I used […]

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imitation sincerest form of fartery - 19 May 2003

In order to write the next part of the progressive story I searched Google to find the right phrase for flatulation and found Justin’s site. I admit it’s a strange way to find a site and not the type of thing you’d bring up at the dinner table. “In my search for a farting euphemism […]

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discoveries from modern science - 16 May 2003

Randy emailed me the following list with his comments in parentheses. I don’t know who wrote the comments in parentheses, but they made me laugh. Did you know that if you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days, you would have produced enough energy to heat one cup of coffee? (Hardly seems worth […]

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blog matcher - 16 May 2003

Ryo Chijiiwa has created a slick tool called BlogMatcher. You enter a blog’s URL and it will display blogs that linked to similar sites. I found a few interesting blogs when I entered my URL and although I didn’t find any to add to my blogroll, they were still fun to read. Basically, if you […]

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lunar eclipse tonight - 15 May 2003

Get out your eyeballs, shine up your shoes, put on your makeup (just the girls please) and come on down to the lunar eclipse, tonight only. (8:28pm for the Salt Lake Area).

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a progressive story - 14 May 2003

Seven-year-old Jimmy walked into the schoolyard where the other kids were playing. He reached down to pick up a small blue ball on the ground and suddenly he was back in his bedroom. “What happened?” he thought to himself as he looked around. (Add a comment to continue the story)

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your brain’s gender - 14 May 2003

Here’s a test to see if your brain is male or female. I got an EQ of 48 and a SQ of 35. Both are in the average male range, but the EQ was one point higher than the women’s average and the SQ was five points higher than the male average. (via mefi)

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opera 7.11 beta 2 - 14 May 2003

Opera has released opera 7.11 for Linux. Thankfully they fixed the bug that made me look foolish when I made a comment on metafilter.

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$20 bill gets facelift - 13 May 2003

There’s a new $20 bill in town. (via /.)

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make money fast - 13 May 2003

How to make a telemarketer cry tells the story of a lawyer who got a call at 5am from an automated telemarketer. After some paperwork, a few visits to the courthouse and some phone calls, he got a check for $500 from the telemarketer. (via boingboing)

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navigational aids - 12 May 2003

Soon after I upgraded to Opera 7.1, a toolbar began appearing for certain sites. Intrigued, I viewed the source of one of the sites and saw <link> tags that correlated with the buttons on the toolbar. I proceeded to add the tags to my site and shazam, the toolbar appeared. I then added <link> tags […]

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curveball - 11 May 2003

I found a simple but fun game called Curveball (requires Flash) on one girl’s life. Be careful, it can be insidiously addictive.

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monkeys don’t write shakespeare - 11 May 2003

The notion that monkeys typing at random will eventually produce literature is a novel one, but in practice the monkeys are more interested in “defecating and urinating all over the keyboard.” (via wired) Even though the output mostly contained the letter “s” the letters “a”, “j”, “l” and “m” began showing up towards the end. […]

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summary of spam - 10 May 2003

Randy Cassingham, of This is True, has created a primer on spam. If you already know a little about spam, it probably won’t be of much interest, but it does a good job of summarizing the problem for newcomers. It also has a couple of sections at the bottom discussing chain letters and urban legends. […]

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100 things about mefi - 09 May 2003

Only shortly after Renee and Jason made theirs, MetaFilter discusses “about me” lists with hilarious results.

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golden silence - 07 May 2003

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t made any posts recently. I’m on a vacation and won’t have regular internet access until this Saturday so I won’t be very talkative until then.

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spam cop - 02 May 2003

I’ve heard a lot about SpamCop recently, and after reading this mefi thread I decided to sign up. In short, it’s a free service aimed at stopping spam. When you sign up, you are given a unique email address. Each time you receive spam you just forward the email as an attachment to SpamCop and […]

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one’s weight - 01 May 2003

There is a discussion over at Mefi about a student’s complaint that the co-eds at his school are fat. Orange swan’s comments put into words how I feel about the situation. If someone has a weight problem, who cares about the media hype? That shouldn’t be used as an excuse. If your doctor says your […]

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