Learn how to protect yourself and your family from being victims of identity theft.

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Identity Theft and Password Security - 09 Jun 2010

Here’s a cool infographic discussing the stats around identity theft and passwords. Via: Online MBA

Do You Really Have Any Online Privacy? - 01 Mar 2009

The recent Facebook terms of service changes and consequent complaints made me wonder how much privacy really exists if you’re active online. Starting with just a name, sites like 123People, Pipl and Zabasearch can find a phone number, photos, a street address, age, and other social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn or MySpace. With only a […]

Six Months of Free Identity Theft Protection - 13 Aug 2008

Jim Bruene of Net Banker found a deal from Intersections for a free credit report with FICO score and 6 months of identity theft protection. The service is called Identity Guard and in addition to providing its own service, it’s privately labeled by Bank of America, Capital One, Discover and Citibank. What caught my eye […]

you may want to buy a shredder - 20 Jun 2006

Related to the opt out for life post, Rob Cockerham’s experiment will make you want to buy a crosscutting shredder on the way back from mailing your opt out request. He calls the experiment the Torn up Credit Card Application. It’s a pretty good name seeing as he tears up one of the credit card […]

protecting your identity - 18 Nov 2004

In the December 2004 issue of Money magazine (page 45) there is an article about a woman’s experience of having her identity stolen. Like other stories I’ve heard, it chronicles the disastrous consequences, then explains that the perpetrator went free because there were no witnesses who actually saw the suspect filling out credit applications. That […]