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The Morning News (by Cameron) - 28 Jun 2002

There’s some funny or disturbing news in the world, depending on how you take it. First, I guess the Al-Qaeda is moving from death and destruction to DOS attacks, though I honestly don’t know where they’re going to get Net access out in the middle of the Afghan desert. I didn’t even think they knew […]

Book Worm (by Cameron) - 27 Jun 2002

I got an email from a friend yesterday who recently moved to Boston. She told me how one of the first things she did when she got there was rush to the library and get a card. Now she has plenty of books to keep her company and “[find] deep pleasure in reading books [she] […]

The Poor Pledge (by Cameron) - 26 Jun 2002

In case you were worried about being worried about this country’s future without cause, don’t worry I say, because the USA just took a step back. Can you believe the irony here? The patriotic Pledge of Allegiance is ruled unconstitutional. How long until they move to have “In God We Trust” taken off of all […]