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opera 7.23 released - 24 Nov 2003

A security release of Opera has been released and recommended for download on both Windows and Linux.

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a contingency plan - 21 Nov 2003

What Should I Do If the Internet Goes Down? We learn what to do if there are power outages, floods, fires and earthquakes. Why not internet outages? (via /.)

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strange searches - 20 Nov 2003

I discovered a glitch in my plan to provide oodles of strange search phrases that led people to my site. One month had 5996 phrases the next had 6528 but awstats only saves 500 of the most popular ones. The most popular searches are not likely to be the most entertaining ones because few people […]

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definition but not the word - 18 Nov 2003

I’ve been trying to find the word for a person who thinks they’re always sick when they’re perfectly healthy (often used as a way to get attention). However there aren’t many resources to find a word based on the definition. If I hear or read a word, I can look it up in the dictionary […]

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your home page - 17 Nov 2003

Why Personal Websites Matter discusses how a web site can tell a potential employer more than just a resume. It also explains that a web site permits you to show your expertise, especially if Google and other sites link to you. (via /.) I never thought of my home page as a way to gain […]

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embrio - 14 Nov 2003

Segway has some competition from Bombardier‘s new invention, the Embrio. It’s kind of like a motorcycle, but uses gyroscopes to balance the one-wheeled device, made to look like a vehicle from 2025. Right now it’s just a prototype, but if market demand is sufficient, it may be mass-produced.

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workin’ for a living - 13 Nov 2003

What do wedding photographers, airline pilots, skycaps and orthodontists have in common? They’re all on the list of the 10 most overpaid jobs in the US. Sweet potatoes with marshmallows I had no idea orthodontists made so much (a median income of $350,000 a year).

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telemarketers on the cell - 11 Nov 2003

A new law may allow you to keep the same phone number when switching from one cell phone provider to another. However, that may cause more annoyances for everyone thanks to our dear friends, the telemarketers.

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the real tomacco - 10 Nov 2003

Friends, Romans, countrymen, I give you, tomacco.

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1.6b release of mt blacklist - 06 Nov 2003

Version 1.6 (beta) of Jay Allen’s MT blacklist plugin is now available. It has been a huge help in deleting spam comments, and in this version he fixed a bug when searching for recent comments that makes my life even easier. Three cheers to Jay for helping squelch spam comments before they got out of […]

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man saves fish - 04 Nov 2003

Leo loved his fish. And I quote, “He figured the koi had had a heart attack and took it out of the water to try to resuscitate it, giving it heart massages before joining lips with the fish.” The fish recovered.

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