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Chat Roulette Piano Improv - 29 Mar 2010

Chat Roulette lets you chat with complete strangers (Warning: Some chatters are pervs and display things that will make your eyes bleed!). Merton does piano improv with random, unsuspecting strangers on Chat Roulette and has become a viral sensation on YouTube. The original video had over 4 million views, but he had to modify it […]

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Problems Printing With an HP LaserJet 5L? - 18 Mar 2010

Do you have an old HP LaserJet 5L? Do you use a USB to Parallel port converter for it? I do, and for almost a year, printing on it made me tear my hair out. Print jobs took forever to start, sometimes you’d have to hit a button to get it to print even though […]

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Draw a Pig - 14 Mar 2010

Here is a pig I drew.  It’s supposed to reveal what kind of person I am. I think it’s a load of garbage. However, the pigs in the gallery from other folks (who must have had a tablet) are very impressive. Draw your own pig here

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I See Paris, I See France - 14 Mar 2010

Visit Paris from your computer in amazingly high resolution. You can browse around like Google Maps and zoom in to incredible distances.

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Trolololololo - 13 Mar 2010

Kind of a catchy tune, don’t you think?

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