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use your blinkers, it’s the law - 14 Jun 2004

A recent Ask Yahoo question was, “Is using a turn signal while changing lanes the law or just common courtesy? The short answer: It’s the law. More specifically, the Uniform Vehicle Code states, For vehicles equipped with mechanical or electrical turn signals, a signal of intention to turn or move right or left when required […]

logs (not the wooden ones) - 04 Apr 2002

I’ve made an interesting discovery. Lots of the free web stats providers use the same software on the backend. I’ve used 4 different ones and they all looked the same upon logging in. The problem is that they are very unreliable. One of them changed to a fee service, the others have gone down for […]

the bike is back - 30 Mar 2002

I woke up at the leisurely hour of 12:30pm and had a filling pancake breakfast so I would have enough energy to go mountain biking with my roommate. As we were about to leave I discovered a voice mail on my cell phone which said that my CBR was all ready to go – it […]

digital bliss - 19 Mar 2002

During lunch today two friends of mine and I took pictures of each other with a digital camera. The results were mixed. Some of the photos came out quite well, but others were not so impressive. I’ll have to put some more up, but here’s one of my favorites: I’ll put others up when I […]

cbrF4i test drive - 22 Sep 2001

I went to the local Honda dealer to test drive a 2001 Honda CBR600F4i (fuel injected) and it was incredible. The shifting was super smooth, acceleration was way faster than my F3 and the bike was so light I felt comfortable on it the moment I hopped on. I test drove it just for fun, […]

nice motorcycle ride - 28 Aug 2001

I just went out for a ride on my CBR. I haven’t ridden it for a few weeks and this morning I got another 30 day permit from the DMV so I’m legal. It started up on the first try and ran perfectly. I was quite pleased. I also gave my girlfriend a ride and […]

bike is back - 30 Apr 2001

I picked up my CBR this morning and rode it to work. Very nice ride – great weather and a brand new rear tire. I missed riding it over the weekend. I also spent a lot of time moving into the condo Saturday. I’m all moved in and pretty much settled. It’s nice to have […]

beautiful weather - 15 Apr 2001

Man oh man – I’m itching to ride my CBR. The weather is perfect – sunny, warm, blue skies. I’ll be going for a ride for sure ;) Nothing much happening – I think I’ve got things at work figured out except for a socket closed exception that keeps getting thrown. I’ll have to read […]

argh it be winter matey - 12 Apr 2001

I picked my motorcycle up from the Honda dealership last night with the 8000 mile service done and the inspection completed and had a great ride home. Then I wake up this morning to a veritable blizzard with about an inch of accumulation on my car. I got a 30-day permit for the CBR though, […]

finishing up design - 30 Mar 2001

I think I’ve got things working how I want them to be. Now I just have some things I want to add. I got the title for my CBRF3 today, but it’s still in the seller’s name. Apparently the bank didn’t transfer it like he asked them to. I went for a ride on it […]