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How Well Do You Read Other People? - 19 Nov 2014

I love online quizzes. If you’re like me, check out this one on how well you read facial expressions. I’ll lay down the gauntlet with my 17/20. ;)

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How to Break the Habit of Typing Two Spaces After a Period - 13 Nov 2014

I learned the habit of typing two spaces after a period when I first learned to type on a typewriter. I’ve decided to break the habit, but it’s been really hard to do on my own. The extra space is ingrained in my muscle memory and I keep typing it, even as I’m writing about […]

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Don’t Use SHA-1 for SSL Certificates - 07 Nov 2014

This week I helped a client re-key their SSL certificate due to having lost the private key. In the process, I was given the option to use SHA-1 or SHA-2. I figured 2 is better than 1, but then I read up on how SHA-1 is gradually being phased out in Google Chrome because it’s […]

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