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Six Months of Free Identity Theft Protection - 13 Aug 2008

Jim Bruene of Net Banker found a deal from Intersections for a free credit report with FICO score and 6 months of identity theft protection. The service is called Identity Guard and in addition to providing its own service, it’s privately labeled by Bank of America, Capital One, Discover and Citibank. What caught my eye […]

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Would You Drive an Air Car? - 11 Aug 2008

Zero Pollution Motors has an air-powered car they plan to make available to the US in 2010 for $17,500. It has a maximum speed of 96mph, will get 106mpg with a range of 848 miles on the 8 gallon tank. If it really has those stats, I may be trading in the Maxima. It’s not […]

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Even Better Way to Track Your Gas Mileage - 08 Aug 2008

I’ve been using FuelFrog since May to track my gas mileage. Today I imported the four entries on FuelFrog to Fuelly, a site created by Matt Haughey (of Metafilter) and Paul Bausch (of OnFocus). It has more graphs and numbers (it congratulates you on your best tank of gas) and adds a social element to […]

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