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Solve a Maze With Google Blockly - 11 Jun 2012

Blockly is a web-based, graphical programming language. To write a program you assemble puzzle pieces, each representing a different component. It’s fun too ;) One of the demos is a maze. Your job is to assemble the puzzle pieces in such a way as to get peg man to the end. Once your blocks are […]

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How to Fix a Delay When Opening Files in Microsoft Office - 04 Jun 2012

For the past few months opening an Office 2007 document (Word, Excel or Powerpoint) from Windows Explorer on all of my Windows 7 machines took over a minute. Opening the application alone was instantaneous and opening the same file from within the newly opened application was immediate. Since the application opened quickly, I guessed the […]

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Great Goalrilla Customer Service - 01 Jun 2012

We installed a Goalrilla basketball goal soon after we moved into our house and it’s been well-used by the kids. A few weeks ago the actuator gave out and the height could no longer be adjusted. We’d only had it a few years, but from my experience with warranties I expected we’d have to cover […]

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