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2nd call on bike / designs - 29 Sep 2001

I just got another call on my bike. Perhaps this will be the sale. I’ve made some incremental improvements to the site and I still haven’t seen the design I made show up on They have been moving the server around and DNS is having to catch up to them. Hopefully things will be […]

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first call on the bike - 25 Sep 2001

I finally got a call on my bike and will be showing to them tonight. I’m really hoping I can sell it because I’ll be able to pay off some debt and be in a much better financial situation. I’ll miss riding it because it’s a lot of fun but I think it’s time to […]

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maxima pics - 24 Sep 2001

I cleaned my Maxima on Saturday more thoroughly than I ever have before so it would be ready for Saturday night. I vacuumed, washed inside and out and waxed. It is looking really nice so I took some pictures of it. I also changed the news link to grab headlines from other sites instead of […]

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cbrF4i test drive - 22 Sep 2001

I went to the local Honda dealer to test drive a 2001 Honda CBR600F4i (fuel injected) and it was incredible. The shifting was super smooth, acceleration was way faster than my F3 and the bike was so light I felt comfortable on it the moment I hopped on. I test drove it just for fun, […]

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blue heron design - 20 Sep 2001

I finally made another design. I have been slacking off on new web designs ;) I’m fairly pleased with it. There is one more design that I really want to finish, but it’s taking its sweet little time in forming how I want it to look in my mind. Things are going pretty well – […]

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riddles and brain teasers - 17 Sep 2001

I’ve added two new pages to the site. Some riddles and a collection of some brain teasers. If you have any more I’d love to hear them, but please don’t give me the answer because I’d like to figure it out myself.

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license plate at long last - 15 Sep 2001

I finally got the license plate for my motorcycle. It fell off the day I got it while riding to work and I have been without one for about 2 1/2 months. The reason it took so long is because my information got stuck in data entry since the DMV has changed systems. All I […]

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uniting the United States - 13 Sep 2001

In spite of the terrorism that caused the death of 5000+ individuals, Americans are uniting. There have been countless acts of kindness and service around the country that have boosted my faith in our country. It’s too bad that it took something this horrid to act as a catalyst for unity, but the end result […]

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attack on America - 11 Sep 2001

It still doesn’t seem real that terrorists crashed into the World Trade Towers and that another plane hit the Pentagon. As details are becoming available I stll have more questions than answers. Why did it happen? What could we have done to stop it? Will it continue to happen and get worse? It has left […]

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