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The 63 dollar riddle - 31 Mar 2008

Here’s a brain teaser for you (or is it a riddle? I’ve never quite understood the difference). A man owed $63 and paid the debt without using coins or one dollar bills. There were no online transfers, checks, or any tricky business. He paid exactly $63 without getting any change back. How did he do […]

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Play Scrabble For Free Online - 28 Mar 2008

If you’re looking for something to do, check out free online Scrabble. You can play against others online or via email, or practice by yourself or against the computer without creating an account. There’s also Scrabulous Blitz, which gives you a whole board to work with. Everyone in the blitz (up to 150 people) starts […]

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What Impact Do You Have on the Environment? - 27 Mar 2008

This assessment of our carbon footprint was a bit sobering. Our footprint is 25 tonnes of CO2 per year. Ouch.

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How Fast Do You Read? - 26 Mar 2008

Here’s a reading speed test to assess how fast you read and your comprehension at that speed. I read at 767wpm and had 81% comprehension (9/11 questions right). What about you?

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A 3 year old’s version of Star Wars - 25 Mar 2008
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Your Custom Internet Radio Station - 24 Mar 2008

Have you listened to music on the radio recently? It’s so full of ads and promotions that there’s little time left for the music. Have you ever wanted to listen to music by a particular artist? Have you ever heard a song on the radio but didn’t know who sang it? Jango has commercial-free listening […]

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View Satellite Images From All the Major Providers - 21 Mar 2008

Flash Earth is a simple interface to view satellite imagery from the major providers like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Ask and NASA Terra. It’s easier to use than many of the providers’ interfaces, and it’s a breeze to compare imagery between services.

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Forge a fantastic favicon from a photo - 19 Mar 2008

Since I last wrote about creating a favicon from a picture, several new methods have been created. After all it was almost 4 years ago (nearly to the day) and a lot can happen in four years. I discovered that not all favicon generators are created equal. To create a new favicon for my coin […]

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Do you speak Yankee or Dixie? - 17 Mar 2008

This quiz about how you say common English words made the rounds via email the other day. The only problem is I’ve changed how I pronounce certain words. For instance, I used to say route as root. I realized that didn’t make as much sense as saying it so it rhymed with trout, so I […]

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Short Movie Summaries - 14 Mar 2008

Rinkworks has done it again. First it was The Dialectizer, now it’s Movie a Minute. The idea is simple. Provide short (and I do mean short) summaries of movies. Here’s Citizen Kane. Orson Welles: Rosebud. (dies) Reporter: What does it mean? Everybody Else: We don’t know. THE END Classic.

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How to Get 50GB of Free Online Storage - 12 Mar 2008

Online storage is the ideal solution for off-site backups. I’ll be writing an in-depth article about how to set up an automated home backup solution in a future post, but this post is to let you know about a storage site called ADrive that gives you 50GB (!) of free storage space online. Here are […]

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What is an NEV? - 11 Mar 2008

There are a bunch of signs along the roads near our house that say Bike / NEV lane, and below it another sign that says NEV Route. When asked what NEV meant all I came up with was something about Nevada. Maybe, I surmized, if you followed the signs you’d get to Nevada. I was […]

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Warning: What Hotels Don’t Want You to Know - 10 Mar 2008
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Pictures taken at just the right time - 07 Mar 2008

Some of these pictures are funny in their own right. The captions make them hilarious.

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Did You Know? - 05 Mar 2008

I hadn’t seen this video before, but it’s already at version 2.0. It provides some sobering and surprising statistics about the economy and the world. (via Joel Dehlin)

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Apple Cider or Apple Juice - 04 Mar 2008

I grew up in New England and loved to drink dark brown apple cider, fresh from the local apple orchard. Supermarkets have jugs saying they’re apple cider, but the juice is nowhere near as dark (or tasty) as the cider I drank. Based on what I’ve read at the Straight Dope and on Wikipedia, there […]

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