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Top 100 undiscovered sites - 31 Aug 2007

PC Mag put together a list of the top 100 undiscovered sites and I’m surprised by how many genuinely useful sites there are that I’ve never heard about. Of course there are plenty of sites that could be a waste of time, but that’s the great thing about the internet – there’s something for everyone. […]

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Algorithm March! - 30 Aug 2007

This video transcends words.

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The cost of beauty - 24 Aug 2007

Nicky Taylor spent almost $4,000 a year on beauty products and still felt disgusted with herself, so she did what anyone in her situation would do. Okay, maybe not. She went cold-turkey on beauty products for six weeks by not bathing, showering or brushing her teeth. After the experiment she was told her teeth would […]

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More free online music - 17 Aug 2007

Last December I posted about free online music but new music sites are popping up left and right. The latest one I’ve heard about is It lets you upload your own music and share it with others. I haven’t used it much, but you don’t even need an account to start listening to music, […]

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Pennies from heaven - 16 Aug 2007

This article tells about all sorts of weird things falling from the sky, including coins, frogs, blood, flesh and one instance of it raining on only two graves in a cemetery (it was witnessed by several people). In most cases a suitable explanation was never found.

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Impressive magic trick - 13 Aug 2007

This trick was pretty cool. Take a look.

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