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how to print images in a PDF - 31 Jul 2006

I was reading a PDF that had a few diagrams that I wanted to print, but I wasn’t aware of how to print just the diagram instead of the whole document. The PDF was over 1500 pages, so printing the entire document was not an option. I knew about the select tool to print portions […]

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wordpress 2.0.4 released - 29 Jul 2006

WordPress 2.0.4 is available for download. Here’s the blog entry from the WordPress development blog. WordPress 2.0.4, the latest stable release in our Duke series, is available for immediate download. This release contains several important security fixes, so it’s highly recommended for all users. We’ve also rolled in a number of bug fixes (over 50!), […]

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wiki bio - 28 Jul 2006

WikiBios. Our belief is simple: you don’t have to be a famous celebrity to have a life worth documenting. That’s why we created WikiBios, a place where your friends become the storytellers of your life. It looks pretty weak so far, as if high school kids are talking about their friends. In fact, many of […]

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icon factory movie - 27 Jul 2006

Icon Factory Icon Factory (Day 1) I haven’t been so entertained by a web site in far too long. It’s geared towards web designers, but even if you’re not one it’s still funny. I especially love day 2. It’s amazing to me that silent icon people with nothing but speech bubble icons are able to […]

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tempur pedic stalker - 27 Jul 2006

In case you aren’t familiar with tempur pedic, it’s a company that makes beds out of a shocking new space age material that allows you to jump up and down wildly on one side while a glass of red wine rests gently on the other, unperturbed. You see, everyone needs to jump up and down […]

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how to stop laughing - 26 Jul 2006

When something’s got you laughing at the most inopportune times, turn to Wiki How to learn how to stop. The advice is humorous, and might work in some situations, but it’s a fun read regardless. I like number 8: “If it gets really bad, hold your nose and cover your mouth with that hand. Then […]

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need a reminder? - 25 Jul 2006

Do you ever forget to do something and wish you had gotten a reminder about it? It’s quite common to become so involved that you forget about other tasks you were supposed to complete. You’re not the only one, and you have a few options if you want to improve in that area. Here are […]

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fluffernutters - 24 Jul 2006

I’m a big fan of fluffernutters, but whenever I’ve mentioned them to people outside of the northeastern US, I’ve gotten strange looks. I was once talking with a group of people who all used the term as a euphemism for farting, which resulted in several smirks when I talked about how much I liked them. […]

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long awkward pose - 22 Jul 2006

We had owned a digital camera for a while before we learned that it could take movies. It came as a surprise because it was a very simple beast and it didn’t have many other features. Once I discovered that it could take short, silent movies, I took a few just to test it out. […]

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greatest usb drive ever - 21 Jul 2006

Once you see the USB Teddy, you’re going to have to get one. I echo what geekologie said. “This is the best USB drive in the world. Hands down. I wouldn’t even care if the maximum capacity was 2MB and it caught on fire every time it was plugged in.” (via geekologie)

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ice cream spatula - 20 Jul 2006

I read a recent lifehacker post with amusement when people were explaining how they heat up their ice cream scoops before using them, or pop their ice cream into the microwave for a few minutes. The reason I’m amused is because I remember trying similar tactics rather unsuccessfully. I would usually either bend the spoon […]

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open dns - 19 Jul 2006 – Providing a safe and faster DNS. I heard about them from Matt Mullenweg and have been using their service without any problems. In fact, I’ve noticed DNS looks are faster, and it’s already fixed several of my typos in domains which is handy. Previously, my DNS lookups were kind of slow, but now […]

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space invaders in stop motion - 18 Jul 2006

Some people have a lot of time on their hands. Others have w-a-a-a-y too much time on their hands. Still others have lots of friends with way too much time on their hands, and those people sit in auditorium seats and create a stop motion space invaders simulation. Thank goodness for those people. (via presurfer)

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a life without left turns - 17 Jul 2006

I had never heard of Michael Gartner before, but he’s had a very prolific career, including winning the pulitzer prize in 1997 for editorial writing. In any case, regardless of his past accomplishments, I really enjoyed reading a piece he wrote about his parents, titled A life without left turns. He’s a fantastic writer.

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keeping track of your goals - 15 Jul 2006

I just found a simple and convenient way to keep track of your daily goals. It’s called Joe’s Goals. All you do is add a few goals, then click on the day if you’ve done it (or click twice when you really slam dunked the goal), so it’s quite simple to do on a daily […]

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your personal timeline - 14 Jul 2006

Another idea I had a long time ago but never implemented (akin to browsershots) was “allow people to create their own personal timeline and link them to others.” At you can create your own personal timeline with stories, pictures (it’s integrated with Flickr) and videos (integrated with YouTube). I’m actually quite pleased to find […]

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how to write friendlier emails - 13 Jul 2006

There’s an Ask Metafilter question about how to write friendlier emails and the answers are quite good. It’s hard sometimes to convey sarcasm or humor via e-mail because the other person doesn’t have the benefit of your tone of voice or facial expression. This leads to misinterpretation. Here’s some great advice for writing business e-mails […]

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yahoo trip planner - 12 Jul 2006

Yahoo just announced the release of their trip planner. It allows you to plan a trip to see different sites and print out a list of all the things you’ve planned so you can actually do them when you get there. They integrate the use of Yahoo Maps and you can also see other people’s […]

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wordcamp - 11 Jul 2006

Matt Mullenweg, creator of WordPress, announced a little shindig in San Francisco to be held on August 5th. He’s dubbed it WordCamp and even set up a site at Since I’m within reasonable driving distance, I’m planning to go and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll get to meet lots of people I’ve […]

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remembering names - 11 Jul 2006

The folks over at 43 folders have compiled a few tricks for remembering names. I used to use some of these, but I’ve gotten out of the habit. Now that we’re in a new area, I’m meeting a lot of new people and I would like to remember names. It’s just that using some of […]

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random links roundup - 10 Jul 2006

Taco Town – If you can fog a mirror, this will make you laugh. Taco Town! (via simple bits) 10 Supermarket Secrets – I don’t know that all of these are 100% true or that all of them were secrets, but it’s still interesting. Spyware wreaks havoc – Man. Eliot Spitzer, attorney general of New […]

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wordpress 2.0.3 editing comment bug - 08 Jul 2006

I just tried to edit a comment (Note: I upgraded to WordPress 2.0.3 a little while ago) and after submitting the form it said, “Are you sure?” and when I clicked yes, it saved the comment but all of the apostrophes were escaped with slashes. Thankfully Mark Jaquith took the time to make a plugin […]

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cingular hit with class action lawsuit - 07 Jul 2006

Quite some time ago we had some issues with AT&T Wireless where our coverage on the TDMA network was gradually degrading but they wouldn’t let us cancel our contract without an early termination fee or let us upgrade to the GSM network without having to pay. Thankfully the folks at Get Gephardt took care of […]

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evolution of dance - 06 Jul 2006

You may have already seen this as it’s quite popular, but I continue to be amused (and impressed) by Judson Laipply’s Evolution of Dance video. All of the songs are listed on his wikipedia page. Judson is not just a guy who likes to dance. According to his about page he is an inspirational speaker […]

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happy independence day - 04 Jul 2006

A very happy Independence Day to you. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the Declaration of Independence. May you enjoy fireworks, family and good eatin’.

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fancy parking - 03 Jul 2006

I was perusing Ask Metafilter and started reading about how to improve your parking. I’m an average parker, although my parallel parking is a little rusty since I rarely park that way. In any case, ever since I heard from a police officer that statistically your car is less likely to be broken into when […]

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