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snowboard lawyers - 30 Jun 2002

On the drive home from Springdale I saw a billboard for which redirects to It’s clear by their use of FrontPage that creating a quality web site was not considered a high priority. The tables are so wide that I had to scroll to the right to see the end of each sentence […]

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back home - 30 Jun 2002

I just got home this morning and had a very pleasant time in Springdale, UT. I’ll write more about the trip later. During some of the hikes I came up with some essay ideas that I’m looking forward to writing in the coming weeks. It was really nice to have a vacation. I highly recommend […]

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The Morning News (by Cameron) - 28 Jun 2002

There’s some funny or disturbing news in the world, depending on how you take it. First, I guess the Al-Qaeda is moving from death and destruction to DOS attacks, though I honestly don’t know where they’re going to get Net access out in the middle of the Afghan desert. I didn’t even think they knew […]

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Book Worm (by Cameron) - 27 Jun 2002

I got an email from a friend yesterday who recently moved to Boston. She told me how one of the first things she did when she got there was rush to the library and get a card. Now she has plenty of books to keep her company and “[find] deep pleasure in reading books [she] […]

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The Poor Pledge (by Cameron) - 26 Jun 2002

In case you were worried about being worried about this country’s future without cause, don’t worry I say, because the USA just took a step back. Can you believe the irony here? The patriotic Pledge of Allegiance is ruled unconstitutional. How long until they move to have “In God We Trust” taken off of all […]

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hiking for a few days - 26 Jun 2002

I’m leaving this evening to hike for a few days in Zion National Park. Since I’ll be gone, I asked a friend of mine who expressed interest in having his own blog to help out in my absence. It will give him a chance to see how he likes blogging, plus it will give me […]

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got milk? - 23 Jun 2002

As I was slurping up the leftover milk in my cereal bowl, a thought came to mind. It wasn’t anything particularly profound or thought provoking but staring at the bottom of a bowl, I thought about how milk comes from lactating women and cows. I hope it didn’t offend anyone that I included women and […]

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there is no funny bull - 21 Jun 2002

I feel obliged to admit to you that there is in fact no funny bull and thus no horns to grab. I’m afraid that I’ve been so busy with work and then at home, falling asleep on the couch while watching Uncle Buck, that I haven’t busted anything out, contemporary or old-fashioned. You see, I’ve […]

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gone is the humor - 19 Jun 2002

We have an epidemic on our hands. I just browsed through eatonweb’s humor category and found almost nothing that made me laugh. Most of the sites gave the impression that they were trying to be funny but I think they were trying too hard. It makes me wonder if my efforts at writing humor have […]

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vitamins and nuptials - 18 Jun 2002

Your mother was right when she said you should take your vitamins – I already use multivitamins. I can’t prove that it’s kept me any healthier, but I’m not dead yet, am I? Shocking news about marriage – I’m stunned. People like their spouses to support them in realizing their dreams and aspirations. Inconceivable. I’m […]

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meeting people - 18 Jun 2002 seems like a good place to find people with similar interests. I don’t know how they’re going to manage to make money though. I don’t think businesses will keep paying to have people meet at their establishments. Once people decide on a place to meet, they’ll probably keep coming with or without the site. […]

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Dave Winer hospitalized - 17 Jun 2002

One of Dave Winer’s employees explained Dave’s silence on his weblog. Hopefully he gets well soon.

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search engines - 15 Jun 2002

How search engines look at links – Explains how the big boys rank sites.

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the mob - 15 Jun 2002

Mobster John Gotti given final farewell – I didn’t realize that the mob still exists on a large scale before I read this article. I wonder if all the mobster and crime movies have glorified that lifestyle too much. I would recommend reading about prison life lest you begin to think that there are no […]

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outdoor activity - 15 Jun 2002

I went mountain biking Thursday night on the Mill Creek Pipeline trail which was a mild workout. Tonight I went ice blocking and with the exception of a slightly sore backside I enjoyed it. My date for the evening was fun to be around but I’m not sure if I’m interested in her or not. […]

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driving humor - 13 Jun 2002

How to be a good driver (Flash movie). Oh so funny, yet true. Funny and true. Brunching’s weblog FAQK – A friend sent me a link to Revenge of the Foreshadowing yesterday and after reading that, I continued browsing their site. I don’t know how often it gets updated, but when they do, it’s good […]

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why I like optical mice - 13 Jun 2002

I have a normal wheel mouse at work and haven’t bothered to clean it since Michael Jackson had a fro. Whenever it felt sluggish I just increased the acceleration and sensitivity settings. Today I hit the last notch on acceleration and it still felt sluggish. It was like I was dragging my mouse through a […]

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google notes - 12 Jun 2002

Google gets the most traffic. This article corroborates my theory of a few days ago. Given that information, it’s natural to want to get a good listing and I’m here to help. I pulled the above link from a very helpful article on I would also highly recommend reading the webmasterworld post which the […]

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Goin’ away - 11 Jun 2002

I’ve become infatuated with a song I heard on the radio called Goin’ Away by The Clark Family Experience but I couldn’t find the MP3 anywhere. The most I found is a 40-second clip of the song (requires RealPlayer) . I’ve listened to it over 50 times already and it’s not the first time this […]

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not exactly hang gliding - 10 Jun 2002

I finally did it, almost. I drove up to the Point of the Mountain and flew off the cliff, suspended in the air by a paraglider and wind. I had originally planned to do a tandem hang glider flight but due to a miscommunication they didn’t have any tandem hang glider pilots there. I decided […]

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ahoy hoy to a fellow geek - 10 Jun 2002

Just wanted to respond to the friendly salutation from Alex. Since downloading the latest Linux kernel doesn’t provide me with much excitement, I’m going to go hang gliding tonight as long as the weather cooperates.

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no need to move - 10 Jun 2002

Now that online personals are so popular I don’t have to think about moving after all. I just have to build up lots of frequent flyer miles in case the love of my life happens to live in East Zambodia.

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singles, punctuation and cars - 10 Jun 2002

Forbes’ best cities for singles – Salt Lake ranked #24 out of 40. No wonder I’m not having much success dating. I could move back home and be close to the #1 ranked city. I also liked my stay in Chicago and it’s ranked #15. I wonder… The philosphy of punctuation – It’s nice to […]

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office supply santa claus - 08 Jun 2002

Some of my coworkers had been eyeing the keyboard and mouse tray that I got a few weeks ago and decided they wanted one too. I went to CompUSA and purchased 5 more trays and a gel pad, along with a LinkSys Wireless PCI card for my home machine. It was really nice to be […]

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more MT work - 08 Jun 2002

I took a nap at about 7:30 Thursday night but ended up sleeping until 3am Friday morning. I wasn’t tired so I decided to use the time to work on my site. One of the things I did was remove all the comment links to the entries I imported from my other posting system. I […]

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how old are you? - 07 Jun 2002

Mental age test – I am 21 according to this little quiz. I guess I’m young at heart. How old are you?

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anything but google? - 07 Jun 2002

Does anyone use other search engines besides Google anymore? I updated my search engine submission page and realized that I haven’t used another search engine to find something on the web in months. There are a lot more paid submission sites now too while Google remains free. What search engines do you use?

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donating to a worthwhile project - 06 Jun 2002

The large amount of posts I made last night (or early this morning) is mainly due to the fact that it’s so easy. I made a donation to help MT development and plan on submitting bug fixes and my own improvements as I become more familiar with the code. In case you haven’t noticed, I […]

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Mozilla 1.0 released - 06 Jun 2002

Mozilla 1.0 is officially released. I’ve downloaded it for Windows and Linux and from my experience with RC3 and earlier I’m guessing this is going to be the best browser available for Windows or Linux. Download it now to see for yourself.

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direcPC installation - 06 Jun 2002

I’ve finished my account of having DirecPC installed at my condo. It was not a particularly pleasant experience but at least we have high-speed internet access now.

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blogger insider - 06 Jun 2002

We’ve had another round of blogger insider. Rebecca has posted her answers to my questions. Below are my answers to her questions. 1. Please tell more about your mission experience in Spain. How did it happen that you went, did you enjoy it, how did you spend your time there, and what did you learn […]

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conversion to MT nearly done - 06 Jun 2002

I’ve been having a bit of trouble with the archive layout and I haven’t figured out exactly how to make the comments pages be wrapped within my header and footer because they’re CGI’s instead of normal HTML files. The comments will work, they just don’t look pretty. The last thing I know of is redirecting […]

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moving to moveable type - 05 Jun 2002

This may be the last time I make an entry with my home-grown posting solution that I could call lovable type. I’m now using Movable Type. I wrote a PHP script that converted my old format to the import format MT requires. It would have been really simple, except the MT parser didn’t allow a […]

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without about - 04 Jun 2002

All blogs should have an about page so new readers can figure out who the person behing the blog is. Entries are not very meaningful until I know a little bit about the person writing them. I would read the entry of a 14-year-old blogging about what it’s like to be married very differently as […]

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the blustery day - 03 Jun 2002

I played tennis on Saturday and the strong wind played a major part in the game. Whenever we switched sides I had to compensate for the fact that the ball would either go much farther than anticipated or it would fall short of the opposite side. In spite of the wind, I managed to get […]

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blogging from home - 01 Jun 2002

I’m currently typing on a Sony laptop that is about 6 inches wide and 10 inches long. It’s connected to the DirectPC satellite that we had installed and besides the latency, it’s working rather well. I still have to pick up a wireless card for my desktop machine because this laptop makes it rather difficult […]

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