useful tools

This is a collection of tools I've written for my own use and have made available for anyone else who finds them of use.

bmi calculator - Calculate your Body Mass Index and get your normal weight range.
commute cost calculator - Calculate the cost of your daily commute
commute time - Learn how long your commute would be based on average speed
escape HTML - Escape the angle brackets in HTML so it can be published.
hourly wage calculator - See how your salary is affected by working more hours
html entities - add - Replace normal characters with HTML entities.
math practice - Test your math skills against the clock
palindrome validator - Test a phrase to see if it's a palindrome
QR code generator - Generates the QR code needed to add a site to Google Authenticator
remove newlines - Removes single newlines from a body of text.
rot13 encryption - Encrypt text with rot13
smart quotes - add - Replace normal quotes with smart quotes.
smart quotes - remove - Replace smart quotes with normal quotes.
sum - Calculate the sum of a list of numbers.
time calculator - Add, subtract, multiply or divide durations of time
word value - Calculate the sum of a word, with a = 1, b = 2, etc

Updated Mar 07, 2024