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What Did You Learn From Your Dad? - 08 Aug 2010

I’m fortunate to have kids who are young enough that I still have time to make an impact in their lives. I loved the advice in this Ask Metafilter thread about what it takes to be a Dad. It was a great reminder for me of what really matters and there was a ton of […]

Have Fun With Family Photos on Windows - 29 Nov 2008

I recently changed my wife’s screensaver to show photos. Now when the screensaver kicks in we all gather round to see pictures we’d forgotten about. It’s very entertaining. PhotoJoy is an application that takes a photos screensaver to a new level. Check out the demo. (via Techcrunch)

National Day of Listening - 27 Nov 2008

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving! Second, tomorrow, November 28th, is the National Day of Listening. This Thanksgiving, StoryCorps asks you to start a new holiday tradition—set aside one hour on Friday, November 28th, to record a conversation with someone important to you. You can interview anyone you choose: an older relative, a friend, a teacher, […]

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Naming a Baby - 25 Jun 2008

We’ll be having another boy and have begun the process of choosing a baby name. As the husband, I consider it my duty to screen names to make sure they’re not going to be easily made fun of. Of course some last names make that nearly impossible to do. I knew a guy with the […]

Train Your Husband Like An Animal - 16 Apr 2008

The rules are simple. Reward the behavior you want, ignore the behavior you don’t want. It’s not novel or revolutionary, but its application is a bit unorthodox. This article (you have to pay to read it now, unfortunately) talks about how Amy Sutherland applied the techniques used to train Shamu the killer whale on her […]

The Secret to Having Your Children Love Learning How to Read - 20 Feb 2008

I have two children, ages 1 and 3, and they both love to learn letters and their sounds. They enjoy sounding out letters and words. My three year old uses the Sesame Street practice of sounding out each letter in a word, saying the sounds faster and faster. The great part is they love doing […]