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How fast does your site load? - 12 Nov 2008

Techrunch wrote about their abysmal load times based on Royal Pingdom’s analysis of the top 100 blogs. I grew interested in how fast my site loaded. Here are some tools I found to measure and analyze load times. Pingdom’s Full Site Test Web Page Speed Test – Provides recommendations to improve site loading time. OctaGate […]

Statistics about the internet in the US - 03 Oct 2006

CNN compiled some interesting facts about the growth of the internet in the US and its adoption by different age groups. The growth has been phenomenal. In June 1995 only 14% of adults were online and in June 2004 it was up to 66%. Internet use is about even between men and women now (66% […]

pagerank 10 and stat counter - 26 Jul 2004

If you’re familiar with Google’s PageRank, you know that a PageRank of 10 is the ultimate accomplishment for a web site. Here is a list of sites with a Pagerank of 10 to fuel your aspirations. Incidentally, I saw StatCounter in the list and looked at their service to see why it was so popular. […]

the dark side of traffic - 10 Apr 2003

For someone with a web site, traffic is a double-edged sword. At first, you like to increase your traffic and are ecstatic when people visit your site. You write a witty essay or create a funny movie and visitors begin to come. It makes you feel like you’ve been able to give something back to […]

inquiring searchers want to know - 03 Mar 2003

The questions below were gathered from search engine phrases that led to my site. In other words, someone typed in one of these questions and came to this site looking for an answer. I thought it might be useful to provide direct answers to their questions, since many of them probably left in frustration. I’m […]

web stats requirements - 25 Feb 2003

I asked the developer of the stats service I liked if I could have a copy of the old version. He said he didn’t have a copy, but if someone else would give it to me I had his permission to use it. I was surprised that he doesn’t use source code control for a […]

a web traffic analyzer - 06 Feb 2003

Yet another web tracking service has cancelled their free service and I’m beginning to think it’s my fault. I have only to join a free web stats service, and within a few months they will start charging a monthly fee. Past victims include hitbox, myhitlogger (no longer at their URL), bigtracker, and goldstats. All of […]

stats of the web - 21 Aug 2002

I’ve been looking for a good way to estimate what percentages of different browsers are used nowadays. I found the counter and it provides a general idea. Certainly not a scientific survey, but good enough to get a decent idea. It should be noted though that browsers with small percentages still deserve fair treatment when […]

logs (not the wooden ones) - 04 Apr 2002

I’ve made an interesting discovery. Lots of the free web stats providers use the same software on the backend. I’ve used 4 different ones and they all looked the same upon logging in. The problem is that they are very unreliable. One of them changed to a fee service, the others have gone down for […]